Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Lena's Journalin to Joshua 16 Today

What is the inheritance exactly?
It is when God has His dream come true, through the Destined plan He set up to be fulfilled.
It is when people, any people, agree with Him and do His will.
We think we get something, and we do, but the main point is, God gets His!
Every word of God is inspired by God…every word.
Ephraim means the “place where fruit comes forth, to bring forth, increase, flourishes.”
One MUST be planted, and planted deep, for any fruit to grow, let alone be eatable. That means if we are speaking of a tree, we are speaking of a tree that has stayed put for awhile and has gone through some stuff!
Manasseh means “causing to forget.”
Our old life before Christ has passed away, all things are now of God, all things are made new in Christ. Forgiveness is huge to going on. HUGE!
The life of Christ is ALL about forgiveness.
Letting go and going on.
This passage though only 10 verse,s is packed full of a story of everyone of our journey’s in Christ.
It could easily be read to us this way, “So it was decided that those who stay through thick and thin, and endure to the end, and live a new life full of forgiveness, increased, they prospered, were given more responsibility!
This started in the Egyptian exodus.
Coming out of darkness and eternal slavery, then they went through being led through wilderness wanderings, and learning to trust God for everything. Next to the Jordan. That is the place where God is right, no matter what my opinion is on any given matter, and I’m humble enough to lay down my own thoughts to take His and go wherever it is He wants me to go.
It’s like joining a spiritual army of kingdom of God on earth seekers who are willing to engage in a fight and kill a few personal giants and slay some kings and take some kingdoms.
Now On to Jericho, where I do not live for my own goals or own enjoyment, but I believe and live as though I reflect Him, and represent Him as a kingdom of God on earth ambassador!
And to also Bethel, the establishing of God’s house in my house!
Luz again means more fruit,
Ataroth – longevity (of a genuine faith and faithfulness),
Arkites – those who wear glory crowns.
Crowned ones rule, which is accordance with the original Genesis mandate. Remember?
Be fruitful (Ephraim, Luz)
Multilpy (Ephraim, Joseph)
Replenish (Manasseh - going on to other purposes)
Fill Full (Bethel)
Rule (Arkites)

Are you yet reaching out to help someone else journey?
Look at these-
Japheleti – lets him escape, let him go!
Beth-horon – house of hallowness, that’s a life of holiness and purity, because we decided to live this way. A consecrated life!

Gezer - portion.
WHAT IS your portion in this life?
It is ALL of the above!

So, we ask, what has God got for me?

Well, let me ask you, what do you have for Him?
What have you given Him? How much of your life is reserved for the taking over of His kingdom instead of yours in the earth?

As much as we give, is as much as we get.
For God is not mocked; What we sow, we shall also reap.
This is where the rest of God comes into play.

We don’t truly rest until He gets His? Not really.
Now, we can take a break, but that is not true rest.

True rest, is when we do His will and He gets His will done, then we both rest, even when we work at it, really.

So rest while working? Yes, exactly. You got it! What a life, huh?

THAT is the blessing of God. We will struggle in our own blood, as long as we try to have our own blood sustain us, seriously.
The main struggle most of us have in our Christian walk is trying to get our ways blessed by God or working out what we think is His stuff, our own way.
The promised land is us working it His way.
There is rest in that, a ceasing from our own labors, yet getting so much work accomplished.
The difference between a servant and a slave?
Attitude, mindset, willingness vs. unwillingness.
The people of Gezer live as slaves among the Canaanites to this day.
Slaves can be freed and still be slaves in their mentality.
What about you?
Are you willing to do God’s will His way, or yours and then ask His blessing on it?
This may be the difference in the totality of your freedom walked in.
Yoke is easy, burden light…