Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Lena's Journalin to Deuteronomy 11 Today

Doesn’t it seem many times it is easier to tell someone else how to do what God is saying to do, or to tell them they must obey the Word of God, than to do and obey it yourself? We must guard our hearts from living hypocritically, for it is quite easy to do. The meaning of a hypocrite is to be a pretender, an actor, one who uses another’s words, which are not their own – a thief, and a godless person. They have no rule or standard to follow, all in life is as a joke. That’s what a person who says one thing while living another is.
The passage says it is YOU who needs to be the example your children must see. It will be ineffective to tell them something without being it in living proof. It is also detrimental to have lived godly experiences and keep these to one’s self, withholding the passage of the power of the testimony of the Lord in a personal way.
There used to be a saying in the 50’s, 60’s, & 70’s, it was a clichĂ© in the homes in the Good ol’ USA, a parent would be instructing their child and would says to the child, and it went something like this - “Don’t do what I do, do what I say.”
Listen to that statement, sounds very noble in the world’s standards, but it is demonic in nature. It thinks I can live as though my life’s decisions have no responsible consequences, it lies to us as parents trying to convince us that we can live a certain way and that the choices with account will not be passed down to our kids. If I believe any of this, I am under a deception that anyone would ever really listen to my words as though they have any power or life, if I’ve never demonstrated them or given them any life experience. That IS NOT the way of God.
God created words to have both power and consequence. We are stewards before God for every word ever spoken. If we do not speak words with faith or empower them with obedience, we will stand and give and account to God for their incorrect usage. Hypocritical words are abominable before God. Remember we represent Him in all we are and do. If we do not mean what we say or do not want the harvest of doubt filled words, then why use our words this way?
Think of words as money to spend. Do you desire them spent on just anything, when you only have so much and have been given stewardship by God to spend them on what He needs you to create with the words? We will give an account just as the steward gave an account for the talents given him.
We give an account for the passing on of the spiritual Kingdom of God “baton” or not. If we DO NOT pass it on, we have NOT done our duty as fathers or mothers to our children before God. He made parents to pass a legacy on, His legacy on. If we do not diligently do this, we have not been proper stewards of God’s rewards and blessings, the blessing of children can easily be misused, unless one is in a diligent pursuit of God and His ways.
Those who live this way, have what they need to do so. Their life is even lengthened and not shortened by the consequences of disobedience. They get more time to do what is righteous. God sent each of us alive to do what is righteous, to live for His purposes. That IS why we are here, there is NO other ultimate reason to life on earth. So do His will and live well, or do your own will or join in with an enemy’s, and you’ll leave earth sooner.
Look at this practically speaking.
You are the landowner, You set out a parameter. Obedience to the set borders is how you keep track of who are yours and who work for you. You bless all those to decide to stay and work for you. Outside of the borders is all hell breaking loose in many ways. You have told those you created to stay within the borders to do your work and at the same time be protected by your sphere of rule. If they stay in your jurisdiction, you can literally protect them, if not, you cannot promise their protection. Their choices have either caused them to live longer protected and blessed or possibly shorter in cursings and chaos. If you were the owner and the field workers were hired by you, you’d bless those who work compared to those who do not. You may “fire” a few who do not show up for work at all, right? This is how obedience and disobedience either bless you or curse you. Obedience gets God’s purposed work done, disobedience disregards that there is any work at all to do that is important, it is not blessed in anything it does, in fact it leaves a stench of flesh behind. It is self centered and evil in nature. It opposes the work of God’s Spirit in the earth. Disobedience is the very character of the d’evil (god of evil).
Love obeys, period.
Some wisdom words to us from this passage today –
Be careful (with the stewardship of God’s main treasure, which is people!)
Love the Lord with all heart, mind, and strength
And worship Him
(that means give His stuff your highest attentions, let His time be your time, make Him #1 with you in life)
Commit to obey
Talk about the Lord continually
Write them down
Show God you love Him, prove it, by walking in His ways.
THEN the rain will fall on your crops, the ones’ you faithfully planted kingdom seed of.
Then the enemies will stumble before you and fall.
We have a few things to tie the loose ends up of before the blessing will flow to us and through us.
Let’s do our parts, meeting God at His words and watch the salvation of God rise like mighty waters in the days of Noah, like a flood!
Open the flood gates of heaven, Lord Jesus, to those of us who love and obey you, reciprocators of your love, thankfulness and blessings!.