Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lena Journals to Joshua 9 Today

There would be 31 kings for Joshua and his entourage to conquer in the new land, that was what taking back the land was about. Going into the promised land after coming out of Egypt was not meant to be a piece of cake, it was the mission God had set out for men to accept and to accomplish.
Think about it, each of us has giants to cut the heads off of and personal problems to overcome, to even get to a place where we would actually focus in on the real purposes in life, the assignment and co laborer that God has need of us to do for His kingdom’s establishment.
31 kings, that means rulers, that means they have a seat, a throne, and they rule over citizens! These are already established things in life, that need to be unestablished so that His kingdom can be set up in their place. Let’s look up these kings names. There are 6 here…
The root definition of Hittite is fear, a huge enemy of God’s kingdom establishment either on a personal or an assembly level. Fear of man, of elements, of circumstances etc, must be conquered in order to even desire His kingdom come!
A root definition of Amorite is pride. Pride will lead one after their own pursuits in life rather than pursuing after God’s will for the earth. Pride is self seeking and self exalting. It elevates its own life above God’s purposes, stating things like,” I don’t have the time or energy to obey what He says to do”. In other words what the leaders are telling us God is saying may not be high on the priority list, we and our plans and establishment of the ways we want to live our own lives are higher. Another root definition here is Fame. It says “Look at me, how good I am, how good I am at life, the juggle, the walk”, whatever. It is the opposite of humility, which lays down its own life’s desires willingly for His desires. Humility says, “Your ways are way more important than the way I’ve perceived the ordering of the priority of my own world, so I obviously need to change”!
The root word for Caanan means trading, merchandising, making a trade off, bartering, exchanging. What do we give our lives in exchange for? If it is not for His kingdom’s establishment, than this “king” needs to be taken out and his kingdom be taken off of the face of the earth.
Perizzite, is where we just want to do it ourselves, want to be alone, don’t want interference from anyone else. We don’t like instruction and correction from others, we can do things just fine ourselves, with no other influencers. It is an unwalled city. That means there is no spiritual protection from God. The person thinks they’re doing well doing things, even spiritual things, their own way and they may not realize it, but when they’ve made that choice, they choose to have no real protection at all, and the enemy has been officially invited into their lives to wreck havoc. They have made a trade off with the enemy of God who is after their souls. These can be “Christians” without the Body. They feel they really do not need the local church, they do better on their own, maybe they don’t want to work through relationships with a multitude of other believers. It means you are an island, your own ruler, don’t easily allow yourself to be shaped any other way than who you are, you think a lot, “God loves me as I am” kind of deal. He does indeed, yet He loves us enough to mold and shape us and He will use the Body of Christ to do so. If you separate from the body’s shaping you into a new form, it is like you are saying to God and the angels, “I am the head” wow huh? That’s serious, in that it comes against the very command that says, “thou shalt have no other gods before Me!”
Hivvite is the life of a human man or woman, his own life, natural life. What does he live and breathe for, natural stuff? More stuff, or to love God and people? If he is materialistioc or domineering, he is breathing the wrong air. Natural air needs to become eternal spiritual air.
The root of Jebusite is to feel a rejection, to separate, be ousted, loathed, depressed.
THAT king must be defeated. This king is huge on keeping people from going on with the establishment of God’s kingdom rule in humans on earth now. It lies and tells us we are not good enough, not included, do not belong, never will, etc. It is a thief robber and liar. Find him out, make Him pay and take his head off, do not let him speak into your life any more. If any of descendants ever show up, annihilate them promptly. Recognition is huge on this, huge. If we recognize rejection this way, we’ll defeat it every time, if we do not see it, it will defeat us! Whatever we allow is allowed, what we do not allow is not allowed!
The enemy is a thief and a liar, come to take your spirit life out of you, so you will eternally die in sin, perishing forever. DO NOT give him ANY place at all! DO NOT be merciful with sin, ever, DO NOT sympathize with any evil ever, destroy it, or it will destroy you, and if you are not destroyed it will show up later on to destroy your family or kids too. Take the head off of the king! Plunder his camp. If any enemies must be saved, make sure they serve you. Do what they have done to you. Teach them your language and literature, make them your slaves. (from Daniel)
HUGE key today, whatever your leaders decide to do to take the enemies out, go do it with them, be all in. It takes an army to fight and defeat natural and spiritual; powers! It takes agreement for God to come on the scene, and unity. Unity is big time. Disunity, grumblings, complaining, criticisms, division are all a play in to the enemy’s hand. He comes in oh so subtly, usually in the form of a difference of opinion, is where it usually shows up and starts. Once we give in to it, we begin lose the strength of unity, the enemy renders us powerless against him, and we begin to lose all the while he steps up on the winning part.
Ask these questions whenever given a chance to unify with the body, but something in the flesh wants to rise up and cause division in you – Can I do what they have asked, if I really wanted to, or if I believed God had asked me to do this Himself? Could I do what they have asked through the strength of Christ? Is it going to hurt or harm me to do it? Will it harm my family to do it? (I don’t mean is it risky, many times God asks us to take certain risks, like ask a boss to re-arrange a schedule to do church on a Sunday/Wednesday or whatever, to see what our priorital order is). Will I have to lay my life down to do this, or make any sacrifices at all? Am I willing to be stretched this way to demonstrate a godly principle in my life, and to grow in Christ? Will I have to change or make changes to do this? Do I have a problem obeying anyone other than God Himself? Do I have a problem with authorities? If I do, I ultimately have a problem with God, am I willing to have this addressed and dealt with willingly? Am I willing to practice doing what other people want to do, at all, ever? If not, Why not? Am I like a lump of clay in the Lord’s hands believing He wants to mold me, or am I like a stone that is stiff necked and opinionated? Is my heart hard and unchangeable or am I pliable and soft with My Master, Jesus? Why do I not want to follow a leader or assemble my strength with others as an army? Why would I rather stand alone? Is it hurts or fear? Is My God great enough to help me overcome fear or be healed form hurt? Do I believe it?
One reason the leaders decided to make treaties with these is the stuff they already had a hold of, and if they already had established fields of harvest and wells of water, and hills for outlook etc. They were useful people’s rather than enemies out to kill, steal, and destroy. There was potential to save their souls. The actual names of the lands they inhabited and did not destroy, mean, lush forest, green pastures, still waters, hill country, etc.
You may not understand a call a leader makes, just trust God anyway, by faith and support them, pray for them as much as possible. Be their helper and God’s too!