Monday, May 14, 2007

Lena Journals to Joshua 7 Today

What things in our lives, being we are the living temple of God, His special living sanctuary, what has been set aside in our personal lives to be a part of the Lord’s treasury? It says Israel was unfaithful concerning the things set apart for the Lord. What is that saying to us, the present day Israel, the church and Body of Christ? This is how we must read God’s word to apply it to us personally, today.
Have we stolen anything that God values? Maybe we should ask ourselves what it is He values that we can give?
He values human life. Has my life been given over to the perpetuation of His kingdom work? If not, and I call myself one of His own, I’ve robbed his treasury.
He values relationship with me. If I go to church to be a better person, better than the next guy, and I do my good Christian duty and give my offerings to the poor or serve the community I live in, just because this is what good people do, yet I do not know God personally, nor am I in continual pursuit of maintaining a personal communicable relationship with Him as Father and Lord, then He is also robbed of what He designed me to be on the earth.
He values communication. Do I talk with God? Yes, that does mean I speak as He listens, but much higher than that would be, He speaks, as I listen and do whatever He says to do. That’s good communication.
When a person does the word God knows they’ve heard Him. Another aspect of communication with God (or prayer) is being a vessel that declares the will of the Lord in the earth, brings heaven’s wishes into earth through the mouth. I have to know heaven’s wishes in order to do this, and that means I am a student of God’s word daily. There are a few things God is desiring to do in the earth and He needs people to be the avenue of allowing Him to do them with Him. We allow, we open the door, then He comes and completes the work by the mighty power of his supernatural hand.
He values time, the time we have here is valuable to Him. He has a work for us to do. We only get so much earth time to do it. If we are willing, we can get on with the program, for we have such a short time here to get to know Him, and what His will is and begin to do it. If a person takes their whole earth life to come to a place where they want to allow God to use their life, God has been “robbed”, even the earth has been and it groans over this. Don’t get me wrong, for the person it is a huge victory and all of heaven rejoices, its just there is so much more that was never accomplished through a life set apart to the Lord.
Why are small things overwhelming? Why would they become so magnified? Sin. Sin leaves the believer powerless to defeat enemies of God. Repentance brings God’s power back on the situation. Repentance magnifies God rather than the problems.
11Israel has sinned and broken my covenant! They have stolen the things that I commanded to be set apart for me. And they have not only stolen them; they have also lied about it and hidden the things among their belongings.
Why is it so wrong to want some of God’s treasury for yourself? Life was meant to be given away, all of it, not withholding anything at all from His divine intervening touch.
Ever hear the story of a boy who was trying to tell his dad he should let him watch a certain show that his father did not want him to see? The father wanted his son’s whole life to be set apart to the Lord and he felt the commission of the Lord on a parent to not corrupt his son’s mind anymore than the world he now lives in will try to do anyway. The boy’s reply to his dad’s guidance was, “but dad it’s only a little bit bad”.
So, the dad asked the boy if he’d like some brownies, the boy loved brownies, and said yes right away! Then the dad said, “by the way son I wanted you to be first to know I’ve added just a little doggie doo into the brownie mix, but don’t worry, it’s just a little bit bad, you can go ahead and eat it all I guarantee it won’t harm you! The boy was horrified and could not believe his dada would od such a thing, just as the dad could not believe the boy wanted just a bit of devil doo doo in his mind and heart!
God wants a whole man’s heart, all of it to be His, belong to Him, not just some. To withhold what belongs to God already, willingly, causes curses to come into being. We end up compromising the blessings and intervention of His presence over our lives and what comes against us wins and prevails rather than retreats.
Another key to repentance and overcoming again is eliminating every trace of the enemie’s footholds in our lives. If we will not deal with sin in our own lives and are willing to hide it all under the rug, or in the closets of our person, we may have a tremendous amount of seemingly uninvited trouble later on. In fact a very important truth to know and put at the top of each checklist is that no one’s sin ever affects just that one person, ever! EVER. To think your sin is even just between you and God is a lie and a deception. Sin always affects others and even the atmosphere’s of earth. (such as weather patterns- the earth is groaning and travailing for sons of God to obey God)
Personal Example – the spirit of addiction is a familiar spirit that can easily be passed down through families. One generation may have a good hold on it and it could be controlled, in fact that generation does not use illegally, they just smoke and in their generation smoking is actually cool. Now two generations from them, the world finds that smoking kills a generation of cool smokers, but that’s cool, they have given their lives over to it! They said don’t do what I do, do what I say, it isn’t good for YOU to smoke! Wow.
In that same generation they are ailing and are on 5-15 prescribed drugs a day, but it is a controlled substance, all the while they have masked what is actually taking their life with pain relief. They don’t realize in generation 2 – 3 that the very controlled addiction will show up in Johnny So & So that in Johnny So & SO the misuse and addictive spirit will show up in illegal use and abuse and in uncontrolled behaviors and t5hat these actions will actually kill an innocent passerby, all because of their parents and grandparents hidden and social habits undealt with in generations 1 & 2cause their pain is too great to live normally. This is why the Lord hates sin, because of its effects on generations of peoples and the turn it brings on the earth.
Scenario 3, generation 2 has done better than generation 1, generation 1 were abusers in their dependencies, generation 2 is not abusive, they are social drinkers on the outside and quiet and to themselves on the inside, they have a few at home, too, but no one really knows, they keep to themselves so that they won’t have any chance to abuse anyone but themselves, they unplug the phone so that they won’t verbally abuse someone else as the past generation so willing did. The problem with that hidden undealt with sin is in generation 3 it is totally exposed outward, this one lets down all veils and everyone knows they have problems and need help, but the spirit is so strong no one can help them, everyone wonders where this came from. Curses are carried down to the 3rd and 4th generations and each one strengthens as it is passed down, generation 3 has gone through more tragedy than any of the others and can hardly overcome. Yet no situation is impossible if someone will surrender their whole lives to the power of God! This one in this shape will bring God glory if they surrender and do not hide. They can rise up in Christ and break a generational curse. They can expose themselves to the saving protecting delivering power of God and save a world of people in their future line.
A man must give his life that others may live. I believe Achan’s death even though he exposed himself may have been natural, but if left unexposed, the death would have been a spiritual and eternal death. Also his dying, was representative of his saving the whole camp of destruction. God has always required a life for sin. A life for a life.
A man can live and be dead, or be dead and live.
There are men naturally alive but eternally dead to God in their unforgiven and unrepented sin nature. Then there are men who live but have willingly laid down their own goals in life and have died with Christ, but are alive unto God forever.
Better to live dead and save others, than to live dead and bring death to a whole generation. See if any of the above described generations had dies to self lusts or been willing to uncover, expose and repent being delivered form evil spirits that are against the formation of Christ in them, generations would be saved and safe. It always starts with one man, willing to lay down his own life!