Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Lena Journals to Joshua 15 Today

God has a vision and a plan for each person, family, neighborhood, city, county, state, country, continent and the world.
Jesus said go into Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the uttermost places of the earth and be who I Am, show who I Am, preach with living proofs, be the demonstration of God inside of a human being, show who I still Am today, the same as yesterday and forever. Be My image and likeness in the earth.
Why so much land, why so many family and city names, why is God so specific in all of this?
How much do we need Him?
How much do we need freed out of an eternal death grip?
How much do we want God’s enemy to have of our lives and that of our families’ lives?
It is important to Our Father that we not settle and give in to the enemy having any way with us or our continued generations.
Has righteous indignation ever risen in you for others souls?
Jesus rescued us out of the mouth of the loin, tore the fangs of the enemy, out of his death grip jaw and pried us out. Do we appreciate that at all? Do we understand the enemy may be doing that with some of our family members? Will we stand for it? Or will we be like David was and take a sling and a stone and take out the lion and the bear for others in intercessory prayer and declaration of Gods promised words for us and our holy seed?
The sling is our mouths and the stone God’s word on the matter.
WHAT is coming out of your mouth about your family, your boss, your job, your circumstances, your neighbors, your church leaders, your community and governments? Who do you agree with on matters? God and His word, even when you do not see it enough to label it? We’re not speaking of telling someone what we see, no, we are speaking about agreeing with God by faith for what it is He wants us to see, but what we may never see if we do not call a dead thing alive as he did Lazarus. With His power-filled God spoken words a dead man came walking out of a grave in death rags!
There is power in unity and agreement. Who and what are we unifying with?
Are you a news reporter, only saying what you see, declaring what is, no matter how bad it is?
Or are you a creative being, who is not subjected to the seen world only, but are inventive and vision minded, seeing beyond sight (Right, Leuwynda?)
There’s a land we each must take. That is the land of me. I have to take possession of it for Jesus, for His work. I must be arrested, and willfully submitted to His own will and the ability to execute it at any whim. I, as a Christian, become one with Jesus, with a desire and follow up action to do His will above my own will and innate desires.
Only after I live this way, do I really have anything to preach. My life preaches, of His life at work actively in me. That validates His words, when I live them.
My children and grandchildren need to see this. They need someone to show them the way God prepared for them to walk in. Yes, we can learn from other’s mistakes, they can learn from me if I never do anything right, but it’d be way better, if I truly show them the way in demonstration, in living breathing demonstration of fruit that shows Christ IS alive in me today, He’s still alive today.
Should the fruits of God’s spirit alive in us be acted out? No, it needs to grow and develop. Should it only be developed and demonstrated at church? No, church is merely the training ground for the fruit to grow from the proper place, rooted and grounded in a loving environment. There should be people around us regularly enough and that are allowed to get close enough to us to tell us where we might embarrass ourselves and poorly represent God and His body so that we see our way clearer can practice and perfect that and take it to a needy world. The world needs to know someone can change and be changed forever. They need to know that they too can come in one way and go out another. They need to know that there is a field, that is a seed bed of intimacy for growth. Intimacy does not mean I’m loved as I am and am just left the same, it means something is able to be planted in me that makes a huge change in me, causes me to become another way, and give something to the world I was not able to give before, whether it is another person, a new life, or food for the hungry.
The field is the Lord’s if one gives it to Him to plant, water, and bring forth increase.
How dare the enemy be allowed by us, to inhabit any land we can access!
Lord, help stir me up to do that which purposely increases my faith by stretching me beyond my own measure today. Let’s not wait to grow. Let’s grow up in Him unto the full stature of the measure of Christ. The world is awaiting little Christ’s, grown Christ’s and big giant fully developed Christ’s!
Generations and generations of Christs.
Generations have been lost to compromise and to hypocrisy. It is time for the real Christ in us to arise, take the risk of dying to self centered existence and be the demonstration of Him in the earth now in our day. We cannot allow further loss of spirit life, eternal life. That is what is at stake, unbelieving nations and generations. Can we let that stand?
How can one be a part of the victorious ending?
Start at home, start at work, start in your neighborhood and community. Go outside of yourself and your mind and emanate Him, by doing His will. Remove the religious thoughts of preachers being the ones hired to be the only ones who live this way.
No, it is also believers and Christians live this way.
Onward Christian Soldier. Onward.