Sunday, May 20, 2007

Lena Journals to Joshua 13 Today

In God’s kingdom, both in heaven and in eternity, and on earth in the temporary world, there is always more to take ground of and more to conquer, and more of God to know and make known. The Lord is eternal, there is never an ending point, we cannot think to say, “oh good we’ve made it now, we’re done”.
If we have conquered our personal enemies then we help someone else learn to conquer theirs, if we have helped others with theirs, we help someone else, if we’ve helped someone else, we join forces as overcomers and take enemies powers over lands and communities and we fight God’s enemies with Him. The point, and the message – keep going, do not stop, until you no longer live on earth, until as many enemies as you have earth life to work on, are taken; and don’t waste time while you are here, God is using the willing to take back what He gave us long ago.
Israel failed to drive out the peoples of ____, and ____ so they continue to live among the Israelites today. Even if the enemy is no longer personal to you and seems hardly worth your time, do not succumb to the thoughts of “oh its good in my day and I’m tired of fighting for others” and, “things seem ok enough to me”. Fight for your homes, your marriages, your children, your grandchildren! This is what we must see. We must see beyond us now, way into the future. Every enemy we fight, is not only about us. It is about saving generations and helping generations we may never see in the future. It is about perpetuating generational blessings and leaving an inheritance of victory in Christ for others down the generational lines. This concerns both natural and spiritual generations! Do not ever think if you have no natural children to raise that you are released from this mandate of the Lord. If not your own natural children, help the Body of Christ raise her children, God’s children!
Everyone has been given by God, territories to take. Everyone is responsible to God to take lands. Everyone. No one is exempt, and God will ask about the assignments you had, are they complete, did you work on them by faith at all, why or why not.
He has made us to be more than conquers through Christ Jesus who loved us and gave His life as a ransom for us. He did not die in vain, He died to release the power of God to many people who would march on as Christian soldiers. Look back, how many kingdoms do you now know as being former kingdoms now? Is there anything left undone in your life yet, where there’s nothing to go back to? Have you burned down high walled cities yet? Taken down mental fortresses? Is the old passing away, and your mind being renewed as a diligent seekers of God and His word? Have you walked away from anything a victor over it?
Remember the 5 main enemies, sin, pride, desire for the world, desire for a name (fame), and the breathing of only natural life breath with no spirit endeavors. Have you conquered any of these kings? If we do not, they will overcome us or our children and grandchildren in their day.
If He is our inheritance, shall we not labor to enter into His rest?
Is He worth being an active part of purpose with?