Saturday, May 05, 2007

Lena Journals to Genesis 7 Today

One week from today. One week to collect what is necessary to reproduce righteousness and make provision for sin ahead of time. 7 days. The end of 7 days is a completed week. The 7th day is a day of rest from a completed work, and Noah, rested in the Ark on the 7th day after all of his work had been accomplished. Noah means “Rest”. Rest means completion and perfection, it is finished, old passed away, all made new. 8, or the first day of the next cycle of days means “new beginning”.
Are you yet made righteous? Have you worked for His plans and purposes and in that you have entered into His rest? Do you yet have an Ark you’ve entered each week, each day of each week inwardly and outwardly? Are you being completed by Jesus Christ, and on the purposeful journey of being progressively perfected? Is He how you have found rest and your true self worth and value? Do you offer sacrifices in life, not to pay for bad deeds, but to express love? Do you allow Him to wipe all of your fleshly nature away in a sea of Spirit filled life?
Galatians 2:20 says -I myself no longer live, but Christ lives in me. So I live my life in this earthly body by trusting in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.
Are you an eternally dead man walking around in this life waiting for eternal judgment, working for goods you cannot keep or take along with you when you pass on, or are you an eternally alive spirit natured man on the road of perfection, learning to love in the here and now, commissioned as an ambassador of the eternal kingdom of your Father and Lord Jesus Christ, while here for a time to establish what He desires to establish while you are here?
Lots of questions to ponder, and you know me, I’ll ask if you are honest with your self. Why do I always ask that? To dig deeper into your spiritual understanding. Until we see, take a closer look, are willing to uncover in our lives what offends God, we will stay eternally lost in areas where truth could be ours and set us free.
See, the enemy blinds us to our own sin and lies to us about what keeps us separated from a great relationship with God as our father and Lord. If we don’t or won’t see truth we won’t live free. So I ask questions to ponder and I ask you to really answer in a brutally honest manner, to uncover the enemy’s plight against us, now, so we can be more effective in kingdom establishment on earth.
Each week is a new cycle, a new opportunity to be honest and live for God in a deeper relationship of true love.
How are your relationships with your family members? Would they help you with the Ark and would they follow you into it? Why or why not? This is where being brutally honest is very important, in relationships. God and His commands are all about relationships! Why are the relationships we have either good or not so good? As far as we are concerned, as much as in us, it would behoove us to be in hot pursuit in the making of peace with all men. If there is turmoil, why is it there? Blaming of others is so deceiving. It is like having a black thick cloak over the head and walking around saying, “I do see clearly”.
Let me give an example: If a child is growing up and they are always sad, always depressed, they cannot talk with their child, there is a breech in the relationship, the parent should ask why. Many a worldly or even a religiously minded(I did not say relationally minded) parent may feel the child just has a problem and will fault the child as though some outward force has caused their child to be irrelational and misbehaving. One must be willing to look deeper than what everyone sees. Look for what we cannot see, the entry of a curse or the cause.
Proverbs 26:2 states As the bird by wandering, as the swallow by flying, so the curse causeless shall not come.
Curses, and problems, especially relational ones, do not happen for no reason at all, ever. There is always a cause. Parents are reproducers of their own kind…..A responsible parent must look and see what kind they have been reproducing. Most reproduction is done in secret, and we like to think what we want reproduced and what we purposely reproduce is what comes forth, but that’s not the case, all we do and have done is reproduced in our kids unless we change or see what is wrong and teach differently and apply God’s word to stop and nullify curses and behaviors.
If we’ve taught our children, both naturally and spiritually speaking, by good example the principles of the word of God in living demonstration, then they will not depart from it. If they are departing at all, be honest and ask, what was sowed into them that is not a good living example and uproot by revelation knowledge that which needs to be uprooted. That means see truth walk in it and change!
This is how the ark rises higher and higher above the earth on water. Covering even the highest problematic mountain. As we rise higher above natural stuff, natural problems will disappear, and be wiped away! When one is willing to see this is the beginning of supernatural intervention and the essential changes can begin to be made.
I wish you a life changing day!