Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Lena Journals to Proverbs 16

Plans Plans, Plans, many are the plans each man makes for himself each and everyday.
I personally believe we should be willing to take all of our own personal plans and set them on the priority scales of life and see if there is any conformity or unified with our local body action that weighs out with the kingdom of God. I believe we should be willing to allow God to weigh them out with and for us, telling us which is of eternal worth and which will take from our eternal worth and spend it elsewhere. It takes a willing heart that will weigh in His balances and see which of the plans will be of benefit to the vision He has set up and included our participation in or not.
If we decide to spend our lives on our own good goals, good visions or good plans, we can be too tired when His offers come along. That is serious. God will even be gracious to us and say, “Oh it’s ok, I understand you don’t have the time or energy (for Me - bottom line), go ahead with what you’re doing, I won’t bother you in this matter anymore!”, all the while we did not even recognize we may have missed His will, His perfect will and the plan He’d personally made for us to participate in.
Weighing and balancing is very important business. There is a lot that is good and goodness almost always looks like God to humans, but all that is good may not be in the will of God for us in the season we are now in. So we weigh for value sake. God’s value, not ours.
If you could choose to work for $50 per hour or $5, which would you choose to work for? This is where the scales of God’s will come to play. Which is of Godly increase, which area would bring Him more and more glory? Which might take less time, yet accomplish more? Only God knows, exactly! Ya know they say that the children of Israel; could have made the journey to Canaan in 11 days compared to 40 years! This is the example of what I’m speaking of. Its crossroads decisions to make. This is where many are the plans of a man, but God knows…, comes into play….
We are servants of God, and stewards of His desire. Many Christians have not yet entered into the place where they do His, or even ask of Him what His desire is that they can serve. We see what looks good to us and that is what we partake of, or eat (as Adam & Eve did).
If it looks good to us we don’t even think to consider not doing it or not eating it. So now He (God) possibly has something specific for us to eat, usually suggested to us by someone else, that’s why we did not see it coming at all, and when it is offered us we are already full (of goodness), and so we refuse politely, very politely, because it’s God and we’re really already full. We look at it as though that is ok, because we are polite, and it was good and our relationship with God has been based on our own needs anyway, so it’s actually great in our eyes that we have no real needs to ask of God, because we found our own way well and we’re really already satisfied. We feel good about this.
The only thing is, we decided what would satisfy us and we ate what we wanted, never saving room for the consideration of what He might want us to have room for, for it is not about us being satisfied with goodness, but it is about us satisfying His desires and even His need to be served and praised by those who are hungry for Him, and are thirsty for Him and who really want to eat and drink!
“Are you hungry?”
“Oh no thank you, I already ate….”
“Well then are you thirsty?”
“Oh my no, I’m so full (of my own pursuits) that I’m bursting at the seems and I have NO room at all for any other thing! Thank you though, for thinking of me and offering it to me. I appreciate the offer, but really, You don’t even have to consider me, I’m already satisfied, have no needs, am ok.”
Great, Great… So church for you is?.....
A place you do another good thing?
I see. It is this way for a lot of us.
Does it please you to go?
When people’s lives please the Lord, even their enemies are at peace with them.
Who’s standard is being raised in your life? Can God correct or change your standard of living? Is He able to correct you at all, or are you fine and doing ok like you’ve come accustomed to living by yourselves?
Can I tell you a new thing?
It is powerful and alive.
God’s kingdom on earth is ALL about change.
The change of me, of my mind, of my heart, of my faith, of my actions, of my will, and/or of my pursuits. They all must be weighed out, either now or later on, they will be weighed. It’d be better sooner than later on.
If you’ve settled in to a life of goodness, please awaken, be shaken, and come to a place where everyday you are in the same pursuit of change as He is, personal, lasting, and eternal change.
Wisdom will lead one righteously. Reason will lead one selfishly.
It is a humbled person who listens to others plans, and pursue those plansd rather than one’s own, purposefully.