Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Lena Journals to James 5 Today

I believe there is a cry louder than any other in heaven or on earth. It is like the cry I’ve heard people have visions of, of the spirits of say aborted babies. It is the cry of blood, of a potential life taken.
The Lord spoke w/ Cain who slew Abel, and He said, “Abel’s blood is crying to Me from the ground!”
This cry is the same cry of the eternally lost! Those who are lost because people who say they know God, have chosen to live more for earthly security and have spent their life accumulating and caring for things, all the while their next door neighbors do not get the time of day, and their souls lie in the balance of eternal life or death with no one thinking to stop and notice.
Busy, busy, busy, too busy, with what? Eternal, heavenly pursuits or earthly, flesh satisfying pursuits?
I believe the field workers being cheated in pay could very well be those who do choose to live for the kingdom of God while on earth. They could possibly have been being overlooked. As others work for a lot of things and do not really think to contribute to those who work faithfully in the fields of eternal harvest, making it a point to contribute to the support of those who have and take more time to pursue His kingdom.
Offerings could be likened to Kingdom of God “taxes”, we give into the Kingdom “pool” so others can live! We give and allow someone who is bold and loving to go forth and bring Christ to the world. We may be one who works more at a secular job, and at work, we ourselves are a living example of Christ, but we also share in what we’ve worked for to help support what we believe in and live for by giving some of what we do to those who really are out there doing kingdom work.
Are riches “bad”, nope they are not. Are treasures of earth “bad”? Yep.
Why? The word “treasure”, means what is of the most, of the utmost value to you in life. What do you yearn for, live for, and would even die for in living so hard for? THAT is your treasure. We cannot have both earthly and heavenly treasures, it has to be either one or the other. While on earth, we can have heavenly treasures.
An example of this would be, that we treasure the heart and lives of other people. How much value have we put in the establishing and continuity of relationships with others? How much stock do we put in the true spiritual care and wellbeing of another person’s soul? How much interest do we have in other people’s spiritual growth? How much time do we spend nurturing another’s spiritual growth? Do we even think this way or care about this? This IS heavenly treasure that can be valued on earth. This is ALL God cares about. He could care less whether we make a name for ourselves and get famous or look good in our fancy cars with our fancy homes as we wear our nice clothes.
It is fine to have a fancy home, a car and nice clothes, but ask this question – “Does my value depend on this? Does it define me? Do I have to become its slave to have it? Is it what I serve?”
God wants a people willing to make a name for Him. When we bear His name, does He look good, is He magnified and glorified? Is His name above other names of importance to us? Names like prestige, clout, fame, success, or accomplishment? Is His will and what He desires us to do while we are here number 1? Is what He wants done, what I am after doing in life, this present life I now live? Do I even think to ask Him what He wants me to literally do today where kingdom of God building is concerned? Am I in tuned and keen enough to listen to Him tell me clearly that will?
Here is an example of something God could ask me to do today.
“Listen Lena, about that impatience issue, do you trust Me? I’d like for this to be your goal today, to be developed by the exercise of patient longsuffering with thankfulness and mercy. Show mercy to those who do not deserve it, today. Today I have a prescription for you to grow and be changed. I need to see you submit yourself to being changed today. I’m going to increase Myself in you today, for I so desperately need to be seen by others who are already around you as being made alive in you. Are you willing to demonstrate Me today in this way?”
So my prayer is the same as John the Baptist’s was.
“Lord, I must decrease, that You may have visible increase in me today! Thank you Lord for making me aware of the specified areas that I may display You properly, and represent You as You are, not through the flesh, but by the spirit. I’m available to show others we can overcome our flesh nature’s struggle through relying on the strength of Christ Jesus. I believe I can do all You have called me to do, and that You are allowed to do that through a human like me. Nothing at all is impossible through Your strength and power! Lord. I’m so thankful I’m being strengthened today in this area, that I may show others that they can do whatever they need to, in order to show more of Jesus alive, by a visible demonstration and a literal godly example of being able to be changed too. I pray people would see the changes and notice. I pray they’ll be affected by it.” (That’s gonna take zero effort, as people notice pretty easily any human who is willing to be changed).
Please do not religiously bypass what the Lord is saying to us through this passage today.
Be honest- all of these are not wrong to do. The questions are, about priority and being honest about the rearranging of priorities. If a balance scale is off, set it right, then weigh again, ok? That’s what a willing student, disciple and humble person does, they are open to the Lords ideas to change!
Do you ever take time for yourself? How much do you spend worrying? That is time taken for self. What about dreaming about what you wish things were, or could’ve been? That is also spending thought life on self. That is giving one’s self the luxury of spending your time and thought patterns the way you desire as though they are your own to spend the way you desire to.
Is your desire the same as His? Many believers would say yes, but we have to go deeper and consider every possible hindrance to our witness and walk.
Again be honest. This is huge. Do you do good things and ask God to bless what you have decided is good to do? Or do you follow leaders and what they say we are doing together, give that work first place before the one you yourself decided was a good work? See God’s blessing is really on what it is He has directed us to do. If we are directly in His will our steps are ordered by His blessings. God set people in churches to do a specific work together. If one goes off and does a good work for the kingdom themselves and get satisfaction in it and then when it comes time to give in to the work directed to our local body and we are too tired, we are not being led or directed, we are our own person before God, we are not submitted, flowing after anyone else’s lead or direction. The corporate work is lacking, because God set us in the body and counts on us to help do a greater work than we could ever do alone and if we are too tired for it, it lacks our strength.
Is your life centered around fellowship and worship of God with others, or is it a loner life, where you are to yourself with whatever you have accumulated feeling great contentment over having lived as you have already? Do you like being alone and doing it your way, no waves made with anyone else?
Think about it, your desire or His? Your way or His?
Can He upset that and tell you what He’d like for you to do? Today? Regularly?
At the end of a day, what are you tired from? Purposeful kingdom work and the working out of purposeful relationships or from cleaning your things and being worried, full of strife, and mowing over other concerns?
This shows what we have really treasured and what we are really spending our lives on.
What a man sows is what he reaps, in this life AND in life eternal.
Whatcha sowing that is eternal today?
Not one earthly good is of eternal value.
It is only People that ARE of great eternal value.
How much value do we place in which area? The accumulation of Goods or the building of healthy lifelong covenantal relationships with people?
If you have sowed eternal seeds call for the rain! Call for the rains to fall upon the seeds you plated, It is springtime, time for seeds in fields to grow up.