Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Lena Journals to Hebrews 6 Today!

I have heard many, many people say something like this, “Why would a God of love condemn anyone to hell?”
Let me clarify a smidgen. God IS LOVE, He is not “a god” of love. He is Love, His ways are Love, Love IS ALL He is. Some may say, “but what He’s decided isn’t “fair”.” They are correct, at least where men count fairness, and where the world has set up a love gage that is temporary minded and temporarily defined. God is eternally mindeed and His love is eternally defined.
If we lived under the ruler of a “fair” leader ruler, then whenever we did something worthy of punishment we’d get our due, no mercy, no grace. Whatever we deserved even if it were “a mistake” would need to be charged to our account. We’d be indebted to people up to the sky and we’d owe God even more!
I’m so glad He is NOT “fair”!
As in fairness, what we as men tend to count that way is not fair at all in God’s eyes; for Love allows choice, freewill choice, and love is not love without it. We want God to save all men, no matter their freewill choices, but God IS LOVE and love chose to make humans with freewill’s, and Love will not violate that freely given will.
True love is reciprocal. If one who does not have to, wants to reciprocate love, it is true, because they did not have to, but decided to.
This is also the way of salvation. We do not have to, but we can believe in Him by freewill choice and receive Him by freewill choice and we can by freewill choice, walk in His ways and be “saved” if we want to. He did not have to die to save men, but He decided to, and did it because of love. The greatest love is shown, when I don’t have to, but I do it anyway!
The earth which belongs to the Lord, has been given men to manage for a time period, when the time period is over the remains in the state it is in will be returned back to the owner that lent the lands to whom he lent them to. The condition men have put it in will determine its outcome in that end.
The Lord is most interested in the management of relationships. The relationships with other people in the earth, and He’ll be looking to see whether men made a place for the nurturing of those relationships in the earth as a priority or not. If a man was self centered and self indulged in life that will be burned up, for it is not eternally helpful. Then again, if a man was God and God’s people centered and made changes to His own life for the sake of being a grand example to others of the ever growing love of God, that product of His life will stand throughout eternity, there is nothing to burn up in that. They’ve already been proven while on earth, their works and their character have already been submitted to the potter’s wheel and urn.
To those who give their lives now over to the development of the spiritual character found in Christ, they gain life everlasting. Those who save their own life and want to live it as full as they think it should be lived, will lose a lot eternally speaking. They may be saved, but with a very small home in glory land. All know it’s better to have a small home there with Him and in Him, than a large one in Hades!
Yet if God’s plan is for a man and his household to build kingdom works now, should not that freewill man do that as much as he can during his earth life, while he is on assignment of the Master Steward as a human being? We’ve got to understand why we are here. If we get this, we’ll lose a lot of prior struggles of how to spend our days or whatever else we struggle with. Purpose preserves life. If one knows their purpose, they live. Those who do not know their purpose perish (die eternally) in not knowing!
Our lives are to know Him and to make Him known to any and everyone who we know in life, where we already are. It always starts at home. If someone at or from our homes, does not like us, does not want a relationship with us, won’t be around us too much, we need to ask why and be wiling to be changed, for it is God’s design to know Him and become as He is; to make Him known. If the word - “Christian” is a stigma in your family, ask why? Have you been very religious, judgmental, unmerciful? Even God hates religion, for it is too pretty on the outside but does not work the righteousness of God inwardly first.
It’s time to turn the tables in our lives, let Him shine through us from the inside out! Allow the spirit of God to search us inwardly and make as many changes as are necessary to cause our family members do a double take! When they see us they feel like they are looking at a copy-Christ. They say you look like Him, you are a Christian! It’d be better to have others call us such than we call ourselves this and err.
You Do know God does not lie, ever, right? Some may ask, then why do there seem to be unfulfilled promises and prophetic words?
Do you realize many words to us from God are already accomplished on His end, and it is only on our end that this is waiting to come in line with what he has already done for us? When it does, we have connection and viola - promise fulfilled.
Many of the promises of God, have conditions, many blessings flow when conditions are met. Deut 28 one of the blessing and cursing chapters says, “I will, if you will”. This has NOTHING to do with God’s love at all, He did and does love us, but the blessings flow inside of the “I wills’”. He wills, do we?
If I decide the conditions of the promise or the blessing are not for me, that is not because God lied or deceived me. No, usually we are told right up front, of the price, cost, and condition. When we willingly satisfy our portions by faith, we activate a covenant already in force for us.
Count the cost, pay the price , even if you don’t think you can afford to, ask God for the supernatural beyond your own strength, increase of “Christ in me” to do His will.
The NT says, “I CAN DO ALL things through Christ who strengthens me”! (That means I can obey Him all I want to, I can do His will as much as I really want to, no matter how hard it may seem to me, as much as I want to. I have an allotment to be withdrawn by me through faith to do what He asks of me, I can do it as much as I want to! Through His strength I can do it all! The key is do I believe it enough to want to?).
It does not say I can do whatever I decide to do to have fun on my own apart from the wisdom of God. No, I can do all of His desire and fulfill all of His plans for my life, through His strength. He won’t ever ask us, even through leaders to do what we cannot do in His strength. We may feel weak, but He’ll make us stronger as we become more and more willing.