Thursday, April 19, 2007

Lena Journals to Ezekiel 1 Today

Hard to describe, like nothing anyone has ever seen, yet in some ways, similar to things we do know here. We get glimpses into the heavenly eternal realm and we taste and see that there is a goodness beyond us here and now, that we must live and die for.
Have you been able to tell someone about the presence of God, or of the vast beauty of the Lord you have seen or experienced and describe it in enough detail to give the person the same sense you had when you experienced it? It is not easy to even tell one of the love of God, or the presence of God, or the power of God, yet we know we’ve seen it, heard it, felt it, known it, and experienced it. We also know we have to tell at least what we feel we do know. Yet someday it will become clearer and we’ll see it as it really was in new and opened understanding, that doesn’t mean what we shared was incorrect, it was just the portion of what we knew from our place of maturity and revelation in the spirit. Just because it can only be described with the understanding we have and in relation to what we presently know does not mean it is not real, in fact its reality is greater than what we do naturally know.
It takes revelation, a revealing, to know Him and who He is. To really see him and perceive Him is to know Him. There is a veil of the flesh that must be shed both naturally and spiritually in order to see and know Him as He is. This happens by the Spirit, which is why Jesus said I’ll not leave you alone, to your own human fleshly understanding, I’m sending you a Teacher, a Revealer who will reveal the Father and His will to your spirit eyes in the earth. Human reason and understanding does not get eternal things, eternal ideas do not come to the naturally minded man.
Have you received the Holy Spirit? The same spirit that raised Christ from the dead, and made a human body come alive unto God? If you’ve received Him do you yet rely on His power to open blind eyes of understanding to His word? Do you engage your spirit in oneness with His through prayer in His heavenly language gifted to humans in the earth by God to become one with heaven’s call? Do you exercise the spiritual gifts so freely given Christians in our day to bypass the flesh nature and to operate in the spirit nature of God the Father?
What keeps you from entering into this spiritually alive and active place? What prevents you from living this way each day?
You do know we are spirit beings living in earth suits for a time, right?
So what are we doing here?
Bringing the ways of heaven to earth, as much as is in us and as much as we are driven to by the fiery passion of His spirit in us.
The same spirit that was in the human like creatures was in the wheels, they were driven by the power of oneness, by the same spirit of Christ, led by the spirit, the same spirit. They had many appearances, yet were being led all in the exact same direction. How can ones be SO very different, become yet the same? Only one way, decisive unity.
One creature’s face, or appearance individually - a man, one - a lion, one - as an ox and another - as an eagle, all in appearance. Each of these have characteristics and different functions on earth, yet they moved the same.
How can 4 become one?
4 is the number of the earth. In earth man, God is looking for these 4 traits to display who He is in the earth.
Man, many yet one, decisively unified will glorify God. He represents earth’s order, God’s redemption in earth’s chaos. He can stand alone, or enter into covenant with others, it is up to him, but by God’s design he was not created or meant to be alone.
Lion – man with the characteristic of a lion is bold and victorious! He was created by God to overcome in this world. Jesus is the Lion of Judah. Each man needs to receive this Lion within and become as He is and was and is to come, an everlasting, eternally motivated being.
Ox- man must be as this character also, or else he is incomplete in his co-mission with God in the earth. The ox is strong in service, bearing the burden of servant hood. Jesus said to be great in the kingdom of God (on earth) be a servant of all! How strong we are in service is in direct relation to our heart’s motivation and the truth shows in the attitudes of simple service. When asked to do something, what goes on in the insides, especially if it is not self initiated and did not fit into your own plans comfortably? This is where the best test of a servant heart is taken. If you have every excuse in the book, or go ahead and do what is asked, but you grumble and complain all the way through, you are in need of further servant hood development. My suggestion: Put your head (yes the head is the leader of your body) in the yoke of servant hood. It is the very way of God, if one is not a servant they do not yet see or know or understand the spirit of God. Christianity does not skip over this attribute. Then there is a greater stance of service one graduates in with maturity. You do all you’ve been asked to do by others with joy, and then you offer service yourself without being asked.
Eagle – he rises up above circumstances, situations, he takes flight, soars. He is heavenly minded even while living on earth. He is operating in the supernatural power of God in his natural life. He rises above the day to day hum drum offers of the flesh earth nature to see beyond right now and today, into the future of eternity. His sights are on eternity while being on earth.
The wheels – a driving passion of revelation, the spirit of revelation, the eyes of understanding enlightened, seeing all, knowing all, within His lead. They go where He goes, they see Him as He is. He is God, and worthy to be followed, even while one still lives on earth. The heavens and earth are the same because they love the same, see the same, live the same. It’s a multiplication of same. Many being made one in the same, in Christ.
Their earth call is a throne room call. A call of passion, of burning, for the fire of God’s presence. They love Him and they love who He loves, here and now, as well as there, then. These time frames (earth time verse eternity time) are coming together, because of one ness, they are the same.