Friday, March 23, 2007

StudyTime w/ Lena's Journalin' Today Exodus 12

Why does the Lord God challenge us so often, leading us into a lifestyle of obedience’s?
Love is obedient. God is love. He created us to be as He is. He is obedient. Love obeys. Love and obedience together are the highest expressions of praise and honor displayed when one obeys another. It is the only proper expressive response of a freewill being to another. It is the epitome of the demonstration of love with active meaning. It is living proof.
All deep root systems are evidenced above the ground where they are seen. Obedience is the fruit of deeply rooted and grounded love.
Let’s stop right here a minute - Just a minute. I did not say God loves you when you obey. I said you show God you love Him when you do. God is a covenant God and He already demonstrated His great love to an ungodly and an undeserving world. God IS love and loves the world, always has, always will.
If you never ever do anything obedient towards Him or extend love towards those He loves, ever, He still loved you! He still tried your whole life to offer Himself and His will to you. IF you never accepted it, or believed in it, or received it. If you rejected it, He still loved you. You just never responded to His love or reciprocated it. The obedience’s I’m writing of here are reciprocal from people to God and in honor of God, and from people to other people.
So the Lord has a request. He’ll not force a people fulfill His requests. He lays the request out. It is His desire outlined for those who desire to do it. It is always for the good of the one who’d obey/do it. It is to guide them righteously. They can take it or leave it. Yes there will be consequences, which are actually signals from His heart of grace, to steer one back towards truth.
If we are His disciples indeed (in action) we’ll know the Truth and the Truth will set us free! We’ll love truth. We’ll walk in Truth. We’ll buy it from Him and sell it not. He is Truth. His word is Truth. It is to be obeyed by - lovers of truth and righteousness.
If one never heard or knew truth before, yet loves truth, when he hears it, he simply responds by doing it, because he knows His Father who is Truth and that He can easily be trusted and followed.
Think of Egypt as our life while we are alive on earth. It is a very brief timeframe that we live here. In fact, no one themselves really knows how long one gets to live here. It could be anywhere from less than one year to 100+ years, in our day.
Egypt is the ways we live, are taught and think as world citizens. It is the ways of the people who have been raised in the ways of the earth and culture we are alive inside of. It is man’s attempt to be and be known.
The Lord says to the people in earth who have said, “we want to “buy a ticket” that will cause our lives to be lived way beyond this brief timeframe, and while we are still in this timeframe we desire to be taught differently than those who that are worldly wise can teach us. We want to be taught to live for what is beyond our days here, and help lead others to see as far off as eternity calls for them to.” They say, by their actions, “we know we are eternal beings. If we only live as earth citizens while we are here on earth, we’ll perish in eternal darkness, for each man has choices to make for eternity, while he is still in Egypt. If we choose light and life, we must prove that we really are a citizen of light and life now, for we know that Egypt is the place of proving of love and obedience.”
The Lord says to that people, “Ok then, pack your bags, we’re gonna live here on earth, but not be like the citizens doomed for darkness. If you want to know how to do that, follow My lead, My direction, My instructions. Following MY commands, and I will graciously lead you there. Let me tell you ahead of time that outside of the obedience of My commands there is pain, suffering, and possible tragedy. Hopefully that will be like a barbed wire or an electric fence and while you are still on earth. If given attention to, it will lead you back here into following safely after Me once again. It is one thing for the body here to be in pain or even killed off, but a whole ‘nother for the spirit to be taken away from Me in eternity!”
So, do these things for your family’s sake. If/when you do them, your whole family will be under My protective hand even while you are citizens living in Egypt, but it will be as though you are foreigners of another land.
Obedience covers areas a man alone, as a protector, can never cover. Can a man be everywhere at all times? Can he always know everything that is set out by enemy power to overcome his household? Are his eyes in everyplace at all times knowing all things? How then can that man be responsible before God to cover and protect his whole household, from eldest to youngest? All the way from Grandfather to Great Grandchild, to sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins? Can any man do that alone?
It would be impossible for a man to do that alone, but in Christ, under the protective covering of the Lordship of an eternal supernatural King, he can. Through obedient actions, he has the help of God to be and do what he is accountable before God to be and do. God never tells man to do what He would not equip them to do.
God does not require a man alone to save his own household, he does require each and every man to trust God to the saving of His household. That man must willingly come under the covering of love and obedience to God. That man must as representative desire truth and buy but sell it not.
This is salvation to that mans’ sons, daughters, heritage, lineage, legacy, and generations. The man who will not willingly reciprocate love and obedience to God as a son does a father, that man is willingly sacrificing his household for his own stubborn selfishness.
There was a sacrifice made that sons of men would not die, lineage would continue, generations would be blessed. Each person must believe and receive that for his own household, each man is responsible before God to willingly humbly respond to that invitation of blessing. He must “shed blood” and paint it on the doorways of his home, for every evil spirit to visibly see. There must be a visible laying down of a life, if a life is not offered, or given, LISTEN - then a life will be taken!
Life must be given, one way or another. There are no other options. Sacrifices must be made to the Lord who Is God of all. The sacrifice is representative of the purchasing of a ticket to citizenship of another kingdom and another King of another realm that continues from here on.
It shows one trusts One other than his own strength can handle or eyes can see, or ears can hear by himself. It shows dependency. It shows the man is not about to exalt himself as lord or king, except when given that position as a tried and true son of God.
Do not linger on this thought, for before you act upon it in obedience your very life or that of your own family could easily be taken away unmarked as the citizen of an eternal kingdom.
Marks are what tell the spirit world who’s we are. It was a spirit of death that passed over looking to see if any blood was willingly shed and given, a life poured out from the head of the household for this household. It was passing over to look for a marked home, in which a man, through obedience, truly loved God and wives and sons and family enough to do what it took to save them.
I’ve heard people say, “God was so unmerciful, the death angel should not have come”. God was merciful, told us the death angel was coming, told us how, what, and when to do whatever is needed to be marked and to mark our families. He even gave enough grace to allow our neighbors to come in with us too. That is/was His great mercy. If one is of the house of love they obey His words without challenging questions.
It is the great mercy of God, that this earth time will end. He knows the time period that we have, and if we listen and obey Him we’ll be beneficiaries of the time we have now and later on.
No yeast means, don’t bring the earth’s culture into your household and involve and mix it into how you live and think and believe, and how you raise your family. Don’t commune with it, don’t ingest it, and make it a part of who you are! Take times off while you are still in “Egypt” set it apart for your family to concentrate on worshiping God alone. Stay marked for Him even after Passover. Make this stuff who you are, and what you do. Be one who is a living sacrifice offered to God for your household, daily. Be one who trusts God to watch between you and who you cannot always see. Don’t mix with the world and become like it. Do this as regularly as you will, reminding one another of who we are In Him.
Rest from working for the world systems weekly. Don’t allow them to shape who you are by telling you how to do what you to do everyday.
Go to God’s House on the first day of each week, and allow His spirit to instruct you on how to live out your weeks unto Him while you are still in this earthly world. Don’t even be your own boss all of the time, follow the men and women of God too. Have a man or woman above you to obey, on purpose. Be covered by blood all week long!
After a time of governing yourself, your own house and being a faithful follower in the house of God, be a kingdom of God influencer when you are out and about, working and putting learning time in. Discern what is precious and what is not. Be a sower, reaper, harvestor.
REMEMBER all of this! Everyday, always! Remember. Live in such a way as to protect the memory of it and never distance self from its memory. This is who you are. The world you live and work in is going to try to convince you that you are someone else’s sons, say no by how you live, everyday.
Laws? Fences, barbed wire, electric? These are oh so gracious reminders.
Who do God’s laws apply to? They apply to the godly and the ungodly. The godly should be the ones who are asking for them, and study to learn how to bring more of them for the establishment of heaven on earth. Godly ones desire the fences of His great grace, and so want His eternal supernatural directions in this life. The ungodly are accountable to them, but don’t want to do them, don’t want to obey them, and don’t want mere earth citizens telling them what to do. The godly see beyond the here and now, living for the later on where they are at right now. The ungodly have no vision of the kingdom establishment here one earth.
So who does all of this apply to? All who say they are of Christ, of God, of the House of God, and the body of Christ. Those who say they are His willingly choose to live this way as living sacrifices, listening to direction from God and others and they love and obey. The rules are not made for those who do not love Him, but for those who do.
Obedience is proof of one who wears the Mark, saying, “I belong to Him”, don’t kill me eternally, for I am His. It is evidenced in my lifestyle. I’ve cut off the desires of a flesh-led life. I’ve left behind my own crown of kingship and I’m living for His will and the deposit of that will by demonstration to others. There is far too much responsibility and accountability before God for one to say that he is of another world yet not be that way now, in demonstration. He must both say it and be it also.