Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Studying Luke 10 together, Lena's Journalin'

Mary or Martha? What is the difference between these sisters in this moment of demonstration? Choice. Jesus said Mary has chosen the better part.
Everyday, all day long is filled with choices. Do we choose the better part? Or do we see the better part, head that direction and then get distracted by other parts along the way? Are we able to see vision far enough and clear enough to go after it in focused form, and work for it now because of what we see will come to pass later on? Are we able to set other things aside for its pursuit? Does its passion drive us in one direction, or the lack of passion take us all over the place, trying this and that out, all the while getting off track and forgetting who we are, what we’re here for, and quite possibly what we’re doing?
Gotta know purpose, will, and destiny.
I used to think each man had a purpose, like a career field or something. Now I see each man has the very same purpose in life, each one the same. The same words of God over all men. Universe =’s one word.
Love God, love people. To know one’s eternal Father, and to make His eternal Father known, to a lost and eternally dying world, whichever part of it we already live and work in.
I don’t believe we have to work in a certain career field to fulfill His purposes. I believe in whichever job and community we live and work in, we can be who we are purposed to be. The only obstacle is our passion level. It is freewill choice. It is revelation.
He is providing revelation today for whoever will receive it, by believing it.
How does God know you want revelation? He knows by what he sees us do. What He tells you, you believe and you do something to play it out. You are willing to apply action to faith, showing God with the living proof of your life’s obedience that you believe Him at His words. These are those who see more.
Jesus said, “to he who has, will receive more and more, but to him who won’t see; even what he saw will be taken from him. He’s not on guard. It isn’t important to him, if it was, he’d apply it actively.
Humans do what is important to them. If we won’t do it, it is not important to us. To say it is and not do it, is hypocrisy. If we say we love God, but do not love our brethren, we lie, and the truth is not in us. If we say church is important to us or we are committed to being a part of it, yet we choose to do other things instead, no matter what those things are, we show how important it is to us. If we say we love a person or we regard them as family, and when it comes time to honor them or give them honor, but we have something else to do, it shows how important they really are to us at this point. If we say money is not everything to us and we trust God completely, yet we miss Bible Studies for working overtime a lot, we are saying with actions what is truly important. We may say winning souls to the Lord, is very important work. What are we doing as a contributor to that work? If it is important to us, we’ll be an active part of it. It will be an integral part of us.
Our society has somehow taught us passivity is acceptable and that what we intend is what we did. This is a deception and the cloak of it needs to come off of the Christian’s eyes.
We do what is important to us.
Choices, choices. EVERYDAY, choices.
When we pray for the Lord of the harvest to send out more laborers into the Harvest fields, what are we praying for? We are praying that more people who are born again, will have desire stirred up for what He desires, and love who He loves, with an eternal never ending, love. We pray for the believers to have a revelation of eternal death and life. We are asking for a softening of the heart in those who already say they know Him, for they must see what He sees as important, and then they will do something about it. We pray that, this is what they will want to live and work for in life, the salvation of souls. That they will see how much people live for things that will burn up in a moment, and that, that which is lasting is what was invested in the saving of people’s souls. We pray we’ll see the proper order of priority in life as all else has barely any matter at all. We pray for the believers or those who call themselves by the name of Christ, to get this. Father we offer this now as a prayer, for those in our own communities, for those we co-labor with in Your kingdom, that we’ll become God centered and leave self centeredness to a past time in this life. We ask for the help of the Holy Spirit to reveal day to day choices to the potential laborers, and the effects those choices have on the establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth. We ask that a new desire would be stirred up inside of each believer and each believer would desire to become a leader in word and deed. That they’d have a desire to build the Kingdom of the true King and not of themselves or their own names or fame. In Jesus’ name, amen.
Why does Jesus emphasize being childlike? Children are accepting, innocent enough to trust God at His words and do them without question or debate or reasoning how it would work with everything else in our lives, how we can fit it in. They stop what they are presently doing at any given time to be with and relate to ones who they love, it does not matter what it is, they are not too busy, they are taught that by us later on, but it is not in them. Life is simple and they follow and copy parental leaders. They want parents and want to be taught and loved. Yes they are vulnerable, but trusting. They don’t have cares that cause them to decide for or against God. They know what is right and what isn’t, they are sensitive to His spirit and act on what they sense.
Who is my neighbor? He is the one in dire need of healing, soundness of mind and heart and of eternal salvation. He is the one others have passed by, are too busy for, and maybe don’t have time to regard. They take on every form known to man, from youngest to oldest. It is the one we care to give our lives for. It’s the one in the most need, before us. It is the one who deserves Him least. It is the one who has been left to die beside the road of life’s passersby. It is the one we would not normally associate with, the one we’d not choose if God didn’t choose them for us. I’m not just speaking physical outward hurts or of low society, we must see this state of being by the spirit, for a person could be dressed nicely and be a CFO of our company, but behind the mask they are this Samaritan person by the roadway.