Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Lena's Study Journalin' Today ~ Written to Ruth 4

Whenever you have seen what you would like to have as yours, what you believe is to be yours; is your posture ever to sit down and wait for the very persons who could have it instead of you to pass by your way? Do you usually just sit and peacefully wait for it to be settled that it does indeed belong to you?
Boaz is a picture to us of Jesus our Lord. He too has a bride He is waiting to see if she is truly His. Does He rise up and make it happen, does He fret? No, He waits to see who the takers are. In the meantime without human strength or power He trusts the spirit who draws us to Him self, He intercedes that the right choices will be made.
We, the church, are the potential bride of Christ Jesus. If He is our Lord here and remains our everything, until our last days on earth, we become His prize. We can stay with Him in the courtship time while we live here on earth, or we can choose to have other things become our husbandmen. We’re not at all forced to be His bride. We can be His bride, if we want to be, though we won’t be able to reverse that decision once it is lived out here, we can choose to not belong to Him, not bear His name, or wear his ring, or have his children, or serve him day in and day out, if we don’t care to. No one, not even God the Father, Son, or Holy Spirit is making us. They are definitely winning us over to a Divine destiny as His wife, but they are as gentlemen and will not force the relationship to happen.
Know there is an enemy who would love to snatch us out of our short (lifetime on earth) courtship time. He’d love to claim us as his own. In fact, that is his venture, everyday of our earth time here.
So Boaz waits for the “enemy” to come to the gates and make his claims on us. Do you know until we make our own solid, unchangeable decision to marry “Boaz” forever, we really are able to be claimed as the enemy’s property? Why would that be?
That would be because God gave man-Adam the greatest power man could ever exercise, that of the freewill. With that freewill Adam choose to listen to and follow another voice except God’s voice. Then in doing that he actually turned over his power, as ruler of the earth, to the enemy of God and of Adam’s soul. Jesus had to come and take the power away form the enemy and give it back to man, so if man changed His mind, he could come back to allowing God to rule in His life. Adam (man) would still have to choose after Jesus opened that eternal door of salvation and again made it available to man, but Adam-man would have to go through a lot of proving, proving that he REALLY wanted God to rule him again. In fact the enemy still has power on earth if each man gives it to him by allowing him to keep acting as ruler. This is why there is a whole host of demonic spirits that are on assignment, coercing men to follow them instead of following God’s will. They’ll lie, steal, kill, all to destroy man’s faith in God. If they can succeed in all their trickery and make man choose his ruler on his own, they have at least won over that specific man. The devil and all his servants are not stupid, they know what is at stake, and they do not lose very kindly, even though they are destined to eternal doom, their gonna have as much of a heyday here as the possibly can! They won’t just hand man over to God’s love and lead here, if they can find a way not to. The way lies in the choices men make everyday.
If you are not all for Me, on purpose, says the Lord, then you are automatically against Me! Ouch. Hey it gets way hotter than that, ultimately.
Yeah, she, the bride destined to be Christ’s can choose to be His here or not. She has a freewill. He has a hint for her, “choose life, for you and all of your generations after you!”
Your own ways of walkin, lead to eternal death. Time to change how you walk, think, and live, on purpose.
Ruth did.
The enemy can never, ever redeem man, ever. He only has pleasure taking man with him where he is going, straight into eternal doom and darkness and torment. He just wants God and man to be miserable. He wants to wear some kind of star of a supposed “victory” in this fight with God, for souls.
This IS the battle we are in, for the very eternal souls of men.
There’s always a price to pay for victory. There’s always a high price cost involved in winning a prize. There’s always a cost to count on, in doing what we believe it is we should be doing. Nothing is free.
I’ll write it again, the only free part of salvation is that you did not have to die the physical death and if you freely receive Him, you also don’t have to die the eternal death, for you have a free choice to choose life or death. You did not have to pay to redeem yourself to God, EXCEPT that (this is the part that costs much) You must, with that freewill, decide to give up your own life. That’s very costly. It costs a lifetime, it can actually cost everything you own, or ever worked towards. It may cost you all of the dreams you had for your own successes, even where being a minister are concerned, for you’ll have to be successfully trained in humility first, and if you never submit your life freely to that tutelage, you may never see a day as a true minister of God. You’ll feel the dream has delayed, it has, it is waiting for you to lay down your life, that there may be a resurrection!
I feel so sad whenever I see someone who has seen a God dream about their lives and isn’t living in it. It is usually a matter of roads taken to get there. We have to hesitate and find out which way is the way chosen by the Father to lead us there. Usually that way does not make any human sense at all, for it seems more to be the way to head down a pathway of death.
Jesus bought the land of me, and of you, of the world. He redeemed it. Are we making claims on it for Him, through the power of our wills submitted to His desire and plan?
Ruth did.
She got for someone else what belonged to them, not by their deserving it, but because of love she willingly gave it.
Do you willingly give of your life to make God’s eternal redemptive dream come true? How much do you extend yourself to make that happen by being in a humbled place of a servant, a gleaner in another man’s field?
He who is faithful in small things (like serving as a vital part of someone else’s vision and dream, being in an active position to do all you can regularly in order to make it come true), will be made by God, a ruler over much (like his own call to be a minister-missionary), but he who seeks to save his life (and make his own vision work), will loose it, even life eternal.
"He who wants to keep his life will have it taken away from him. He who loses his life will have it given back to him. Luke 17:33.
Do you know one must become intimate with the Son to have spiritual children? The Lord wants a bride who is intimate with Him and will mother His kids.