Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Lena's Study Journalin' to 1 Cor 11 Today _ who is your Father-father? Your Mother-mother? Covering? Willingly

Imitate a man?
So many would say no thank you. So many would cringe at that thought, so many do not even want to be like their parents are, in our day.
My family and I were talking the other night about how people who had the last names of their trades, how “The Smiths” used to be the family who ran the blacksmith business in the town or community. The business boasted proudly of being generations strong. You grew up in training and under the apprenticeship of a father-brother-uncle situation, where this is so understood that this is what we do, and even stronger than that was the understanding of this is who we are. There weren’t other considerations or options.
We were taught in this model to trust God, and the order he’d set up for us in the family units, and we did not question that He had obviously chosen for us the family in which we were born in. We left it up to Him who we became by trade, within that household and the community we were planted in by family and by birth.
Now we hardly know who we are, don’t want anyone else to tell us which way to head, won’t follow anyone else, and are our own persons. We wait till after 13 years of school, to decide what we might like to think of becoming on our own. Then we pay tons of money to learn how to enter that career field and maybe become what we paid to do and be. The children and adults are confused and no one likes to work for anyone else, all want to be their own bosses!
What a free society we now live in! We don’t have to follow anyone’s lead, model our lives around anyone else, or do what anyone tells us to. There are no copies, no fathers, no mothers. We absolutely do not have to come under a fathering or a mothering spirit, and most would say that anything that even resembles that is dictatorial or controlling. You absolutely do not have to be controlled or dictated to by anyone, but you can.
You could submit yourself to the leadership of someone else. You could learn from others. You could be fathered and mothered, especially in your faith. You could even learn the trade of someone else, and walk alongside of them, learning as you go and take over a business, but you don’t have to. Only if you want to. It’s always up to us what we do and do not do. The will is a very strong force to be reckoned with, and God is such a gentleman in nature that He usually lets us have our way. As we have our way and make our own decisions, he also allows us to live with the set of circumstances we set ourselves up for in our decisions too.
Repentance to the following of His lead, is the only thing to straighten up the messes we’ve created for ourselves. We can only have a bit of relief here and there without repentance, but to solve the problem, and make the necessary changes takes a complete turn around inside of going back and willingly following His designed order.
Paul makes an offer to freewill humans here: Follow me, a mere man, as I attempt as best I can, to follow Christ! Trust God enough to follow a man, love a man, and learn from a man. If the man fails or hurts you, you have a Holy Father above who is great enough to repair whatever it is that happened inside of you. Your source of happiness or fulfillment is not in man, it is wholeheartedly in Christ, and He never fails anyone, ever. Being that secure in Him, we can extend our souls to come under men.
We willingly come under men, because God said to (probably one of those issues where trust is proven) and coming inside of that order, things come into alignment that never would without that trust factor being activated. Even angels stand at attention to that action, for they understand authority and rule. Anointing is released, because a man had enough faith in God to do His word, even to the risk of that man possibly being hurt, believing God is great enough to heal any wounds, and that they can be made to be string enough in Him to withstand any evil plot, even canceling appointments with evil, due to obedience, which releases a blessing of protection.
“A man ought not have his head covered”. This means that a man, who so chooses, becomes vulnerable before God. He trusts God enough, to willingly expose himself to what he’s been told are his enemies. He does not set up His own self protecting fortress, he surrenders to God’s word and humbles himself. He’s correctable and pliable in God’s mighty hands. He allows other men to guide him here on earth, he is teachable. He willingly submits his life under the Lordship of Christ. The lordship of Christ means, Christ tells Him what to do, where to go, who to be around or not, where to live work, play, etc. He believes he is not his own person, living here for the building up of his own kingdom. He realizes that he is here on assignment for a short time, as an ambassador of God’s kingdom. He is God’s man, God’s servant-leader, not because someone set up a bunch of rules and regulations around him, but because he put himself willingly under the hand of others lead and dared to act as a son would act towards fathers or mothers. He’s willingly under command, and in so being, God is setting Him up by instruction in an “apprenticeship program” of the spiritual,l eternal kingdom order. God designed this order to train him in oder to make him a ruler over territories, in the spirit. The angels (both good and evil) know this person by the actions of his everyday life. He is marked for and by God!
The woman knows all of the above, and is able to honor the man she places her life under the leadership of. She understands head covering for her is her fortress and protection. (P.S. hair is only symbolic of a visible statement of what is going on positionally as one places their life under another, but order of command, understanding rank and rule in the spirit). This order is Divine order, it is not designed by men. Men have mimicked it for us to see in militaries, because it has worked well, for everyone knows their positions and then they can easily at any beck and call, engage against an enemy. Yes, exactly! She understands this, and knows God has put them in this ranking system because of angelic protection and because of enemy powers in alignment against the family model and unit. She understands if the man does not see the above place of rule that is ok, she must stay in her place under God, until he does see it. She prays he will see it and submit himself to the vulnerability of it through a trusting relationship of His eternal Father. She isn’t there, in her place because he deserves for her to be under him, she is there because of her own love and trust of God. If she stays there, he;;l be able to get there faster than if the whole family had to get there.
Why is this important? Because of the angels.
The angels know order better than any human does. The forces of evil would love for men to never ever know or understand this order. Where there is no alignment or order there is chaos and every evil work is allowed to manifest. This is a tactic of the enemy in warfare, even natural warfare. Confuse the ranks, or take out the leaders and you have weakened the forces and can so easily come in and take over.
Why else has the enemy succeeded in almost disintegrating the family order on earth? Why else do people not come under other people? Why else are fathers and mothers absent when needed to raise children? Why else does he offer us money instead of family life? He is not ignorant, but we have been and we perish for what we do not know.
Time to awaken, discern the body of the Lord properly, heed the words of God, forgive men, and get in our proper positions, no matter how deserving of the rank, anyone is. God set up the ranks. Honor God, trust God, and get in line to save your family. This is the main way to fight. When a person, and then a relationship, and then a household, gets in alignment, God moves for them, God confuses their enemies, God rules on their behalf!
Sickness, disease, mental anguish, weakness, these are all taken care of, when a body gets in proper alignment. Some of these symptoms are our spirits crying out within us, asking us to please line up.
Chiropractors say when a person gets in line, all kinds of healing is released! It is true, so true.
Judge rightly, asking,” am I in line today, am I submitted to God’s word enough to willingly submit myself to God, my husband, my pastors, leaders, boss, or parents?”
If we judge ourselves this way, we won’t be a subject of the mockery of hypocrisy. We will stand as a person of order before the eyes of God, with no shame of being an independent one outside of the design of God’s Holy Kingdom both in our earth and in our heavenly assignments.
When we eat the bread, and drink the cup of the Lord (yes Master) Jesus, we say, to heaven and hell, “Lord, I recognize Your Divine design and I place myself in that design willingly. I wiling respond to that Divine design and order, and I stand inside of my God ordered position, willingly”.
We refuse to be independent of God and of people. We bring together for repair any separations. We refuse to allow divisions inside or among us, for we see ourselves unified as a member of the holy armies of God. We assemble as He has chosen, because we understand it is He who chooses for us and we who get to demonstrate a willingness to submit to those He has chosen for us. We don’t go to the church of our choice or love the family of our choice, or the boss of our choice, we’ve chosen Him and have allowed Him to choose for us who we’ll love and obey.
We do not follow strange order, independent of the word of God. We do not follow strange voices that tell us we’re fine alone and can do whatever we want to in life. We know we can do what we want, but we choose to do what He wants, for we see the greater eternal picture we are so actively and willingly involved in.
We eat that bread and drink that cup of blessing, we remember this order and our positions in it, until the Lord comes and makes a new order.