Sunday, March 04, 2007

Lena's Journalin' to Revelation 19

Today we are reading a VERY significant word. He who has ears inclined towards the Lord and His Word, which He holds in the highest esteem, even greater than His own name; These ones today who hold His word high, may hear His message, and will hear it.
Be aware, those who listen more to the voices inside of their own heads, especially the voice of natural reason won’t hear it, for its message is as a foreign language to their ears and they won’t be able to hear it, for they have listened to so many other voices for so long that their ears are trained to lean elsewhere.
There are voices we can listen to each and everyday of our lives, on earth. The hearing ear that is opened up to the voice of the Lord, must be trained and disciplined to hear what is not at all familiar at first, with what will not match up well with reason, but will attempt to commune with the spirit inside of man, the man who desires truth in his inward parts.
Hear ye, hear ye, all who desire truth.
Salvation, glory and power belong to Him.
That means everyone who comes to know the Father through the Son-ship and willing surrender to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. That means the ones who surrender to following His ways above any other tendencies and ways. These are saved for Him.
Yes, they are rescued out of the death grip of the hordes of hell and of an eternal damnation and judgment with a severe consequence of eternal separation form God. Yes those are benefits, but they are saved for Him, so He can do on the earth what He wants, using them as messengers and ambassadors of His Divine Kingdom’s establishment. There is no personal agenda to become great, or to have success in this life, they find they were created and sent here to obey and display Him. Their very life’s purpose is consumed inside of living all for Him.
Glory. That means weight, the burden or responsibility one carries in life. Think stress. What is stressed in your life. What stresses you? What consumes you? Do you carry burdens for and with God? Is the burden of souls a burden you willingly carry without feeling made to save people? Are you after His success and promotion? What about the promotion of others, those with you who God has presently given more “clout” than you, are you helping them carry the burden God has given them? The glory belongs to Him. Is your life about your name, you fame, success, stardom, or His?
Power. Man has some. The power of the will is the greatest power man carries. (P.S…..This word is not for someone else, it is for the reader). How am I using my will to submit myself under willing obedience to my church leadership and to the people of God? That is how I prove to God I am obedient to Him. To say “Oh, Lord I’ll do whatever You say”, and then you are asked to be at a meeting regularly, and you are always finding a justifiable excuse to stay home from the meeting, is to show God you are not wholly inside of the obedience to His will. Seriously. As soon as you privately tell something to God, make a promise to Him, He’ll send a messenger to try your words and see if they are true in living form or not. Beware the obedience’s to God are demonstrated with men in very small shapes and forms.
The Bible clearly states if we say with our mouths we love God yet hate our brethren we are liars and the truth is not in us, we are deceiving ourselves by hearing and shaking our heads but not applying action to what we say is our faith. (One definition of hatred is lack of acknowledgement - as in to disregard or to give no response to, to sit on the fence with, or to act in indifferent to. Like in giving no response to, remaining the same.)
So power? The power of the will is the greatest power given man by God and the exercise of it is what we can either withhold from Him or willingly give Him. Obedience is the greatest form of the surrender of that power, the power of the will.
The Lord Almighty reigns, over whom? (P.S.S. this question is for the reader also, not someone the reader knows) Do I allow Him to reign as King? What I allow is allowed, what I don’t allow is not allowed, in my life. I can allow Him to be glorified and have power. I can decide these things belong to Him or to me, given as gifts by Him. There is a difference. I can decide (allow) salvation to belong to Him where I am concerned or I can believe He saved me for my own comfort and to help me. Those are just benefits and if I have thought that, I’ve missed the point so far.
He is greatly to be praised, by whom? In what instance? Any instance, or just some?
This all has to do with walking in the ways of the old nature, the unregenerate unborn-again man or learning to walk in the ways of the new regenerate man the man who is spiritually alive unto God.
The armies of heaven, dressed in the finest of pure white linen, followed him on white horses.
God is assembling an army, those who are after what He wants and know there is not one single person who can do what He desires done alone. The Lord has waited a long time for a people who submit willingly to one another in the spirit of love and light and willingly put their heads in a yoke with others. Others who are in the same process of surrender, those also willing to give up the life that they thought they were here to live, and deposit it in the melting pot of His kingdom for a greater purpose. The price the army paid to ride in white robes on white horses with Him was the giving up of their life now. Not in physical death, he already did that, that is not required, but death of self is.
Where do vultures (demons awaiting the capture of humans for eternity) gather? Around uncrucified, unwilling to change, flesh natures.
I saw an angel standing in the sun, shouting to the vultures flying high in the sky: “Come! Gather together for the great banquet God has prepared. Come and eat the flesh of kings, generals, and strong warriors; of horses and their riders; and of all humanity, both free and slave, small and great.” the vultures all gorged themselves on the dead bodies.
Those who died already, willingly crucifying their old flesh nature by constant and lifelong obedience to the will of others, namely the ultimate will of their Father God, are dead already, there is no flesh to kill off or devour. Nothing for vultures to eat. Those who sought to save themselves by good works or doing everything their own ways, even those who served God, the way they wanted to, rather than joining the army, will be devoured. They choose to spend their time on earth on their own lives, and they will lose it in the end.
Those who overcome are those who died to self and decided with the power of their wills to be who He wants them to be, according to His image and likeness. They were as clay in His hands, they became flexible to His will and plan, they were pliably living to be changed from whoever they were born to be, into who they were born again to become.
He sees Himself in her, she is His bride. The two made one.