Saturday, March 10, 2007

Lena's Journalin to Genesis 28 Today Another Loonnnngggg One

Why would daddy Isaac ask Jacob not to marry outside of the “camp”? It has to do with the future, always the future. The Divine Destiny God has for each human that will even think to desire to do His will on earth. Marriage is all about perpetuating the will of the Father God on earth. It has everything to do with being in an equal yoke.
Will this marriage be an avenue and a tool in God’s hands for the will of God to be accomplished, or will it be a whole lifetime of trial and error inside of the struggle of who’s way is who’s? It may be a venture of a lifetime spent learning to even get along and stay together. A lifetime spent just on that.
The equality of yoking is the foundation in which God can build His Kingdom upon. If the yoke is unequal, the vision is divided. When the foundation is cracked or faulty then nothing at all may ever be able to even be erected, unless by some miraculous work that faulty foundation is torn down and a new one laid by the spirit.
Even within “the church” (Israel) there are different tribes and tongues. If your tribe is the warrior tribe and that’s how you were raised, God is using the skills of your forefathers to make a nation and a perpetual generation using you in the big picture of family tribes. Now if you marry into the farming tribe, you have just spent your whole life learning to war in order for God to do something with more than one generation. His plan was to build a building off of you, as you in turn raise your children up the same way, as warriors with skilled weaponry in hand. If you decide to start brand new, you won’t at all do what you were raised for, cause you’ve decided on your own that you are gonna change “careers/callings” and learn how to live for something else. Now it will take you your whole life to learn to farm enough to pass that acquired and exercised skill on to a generation who was meant to be built off of the one you just spent your whole life laying, but you changed “careers/callings, so now your child who is the heir of the foundation you laid, wants to change careers also. Now they change careers and spent a lifetime learning and applying their new skill, only to live that life for themselves.
That is exactly how goals work, they last one generation. They are about one person and their lifetime. Vision has to do with more than one person’s lifetime, it is a continuance. The continuance is to build a household unto the Father, who is generational and wants a flow of vision. He’s been trying to do something through a lineage, but the enemy comes to say, lets’ break apart the lineage and inheritance deal and there will only be one generation to the next, each living for today.
One day at a time, sweet Jesus is very limited, and goal oriented.
So Isaac knowing that his father Abraham was commanded by God to make a nation larger than himself, to perpetuate generational blessings and leave an inheritance, says, “Hey, Jacob, let’s keep this going”.
Now the only way that it can as designed, is to marry within the camp of Same Page Ministries and of Visionary Building Program Deluxe. Jacob, please do not be unaccountable and independent, let’s not give the enemy any place to steal away the blessing of God upon His very own vision, let’s break the cyclical curse of selfishness, and “just one day at a time” thinking. Oh Jacob, be another one who will command the blessing upon your generations and leave a spiritual inheritance, a building at least half erected for your children and children’s children to continue building upon.
“Jacob, son, do you see this? Can you see farther ahead than the pretty Canaanite girl who just walked past us? Can you se beyond what the natural eyes see? I’m asking, will you?”
Are you willing to do and be what it will take to own this land for your own household and for the households that will be born through your loins forever? Can you see as far as Jesus being born through your generations, as a pure line? Or is it just about how you might think you might feel if you consider the pretty Canaanite who is walking by now?
Jacob means conniver, deceiver. It really represents our unsaved flesh-sighted and naturally led human nature, the very part of us that chooses to stay a natural man.
Jacob? Will you consider the change of that nature, in order to affect many a generation? Can God use you for more than yourself? Can He do His good pleasure through you? Will you go find her in the camp or say it doesn’t really matter and just get a wife to be physically or mentally happy with?
Will you go (out on your own, your own way)? Or will you be sent? Will you willingly wait and then go at a time the father deems to send you and sees you are ready to go without being taken away divided?
We all know it is our freewill choice, we can do whatever we want, God made us that way. We can go to the church of our choice, we can do what we want, whenever we want to and no one has to tell us what to do, do they? You don’t Have to, but will you?
The offering of the will is the greatest offering of ALL time!
The free gift of salvation costs one everything. The only free part is that we can freely choose God’s way if we want to. If we choose His way, all the free stuff ends there. We pay a high price for whatever is worth anything to us. Jacob would feel he had to pay something to go off to Bethel, rather than just stay where he was at in order to get a wife. The biggest payment made is that of his will being done his way, the laying down of his own desires. Most people stop right there. Pride and rebellion, tell us we do not have to do anything we don’t want to do. These are our offers or offerings unto God. The will that does what they don’t feel like they want to, but willingly turns their thinking around to have a good heart about doing what they don’t really want to do, is giving an offering unto God.
See Esau, it equals rebellion personified.
Is Esau in you? Ever?
An “Esau” takes warnings as challenges. He wants to prove the will of another wrong. Show them they are wrong by challenging that will and making it work out fine. It argues and will not submit itself to others wills. It is clearly divided, wants to start and do its own thing, its own way, and then ask God’s blessings on what it is that it choose to do. It always self justifies saying , ahh it is ok, not bad, no biggie, I can do it this way, even if it is different than what God just said was the way.
Ishmael was Abraham’s son, he was the son born of the efforts of the flesh, not of the faith. The works of the flesh, are doors of entry to all kinds of demonic havoc and curses. They are evidences of disobedience to God, which carries a big sign that says, “rebellion”. Faith is what is pleasing to God, whatever is done outside of faith is sin. Rebellion is sin and cannot be justified, but through repentance, curses can be reversed and forgiveness can be given.
To join ourselves with the works of our own human reason (the birth of Ishmael was just that) is sin. Key #1 – sin separates people from God! Separation from God is quite dangerous to human beings, separation from God means closeness with God’s enemy. DING- sin must be dealt with that the gap of Divine and eternal protection is bridged. 1st way for sin to begin to be dealt with is to recognize sin is sin. Not what we feel is acceptable or not, not what we can work out or not, but what is sin. Who says what sin is? God does. We must see what it is He calls sin and repent of that.
Marrying outside of the equal yoke separates the perpetuation and continuance of God’s plan from us. If He said don’t do that, and we do anyway, we are in rebellion and sin, sin opened a back door to curses from the enemy, that door must be closed so our generations can live eternally blessed. More than that, the door must be closed so we will stand before God unashamed, having accomplished what He destined for our lives to bring forth all of our days!
One day we will all give an account. Separated or united? Purpose fulfilled or unfulfilled. Obeyed or disobeyed.
Purpose is not had inside of something like a job or career. Purpose is only found inside of obedience to God, everyday.
God always shows us stuff ahead of time, to give us a promise to walk towards and a reason to stay on the path of humble obedience. God visions are visions that go way beyond you and yours. It is always about family and their descendants, always. He tells you to see if you are a taker or not, if you are one who’ll say, ok show me the narrow pathway to that. Are you asking which way to go, and then are you willing to go His way, even if it is uncomfortable and unfamilliar?
Narrow means laden with obstacles. Why would anyone choose a path like that? Talk about a challenge. You up for one? The enemy challenges us everyday, so does God.
Within Bethel (the house of God- an intimate relationship with a church body) dreams lie, nations are built, help is had for greater things than what just one person can do. As a church member, you are becoming a nation, and a son or daughter of a visionary like Abraham. Will you become covenantal there and stay for life within that Same Page Ministries to be a part of the foundation being laid in which God wants to build nations upon, or will you go off and marry elsewhere and do whatever you and yours want to at the time? Can God depend on you and your family, to use you - forever, right where you are, or is there a back door? That backdoor, may very well be a door the enemy was using when you weren’t looking.
Goals have to do with you and yours and your ministry and purpose, Vision is what one group of people live for and do together knowing it takes a me to make a we and a we to make a Him in this world. There are many who do not live this way. A Lot of time has been wasted, with people doing their own thing, living for goals.
You may have sat in church all your life and have never heard anything like this, me too. I have been in church regularly, because I wanted to be, for 28 years now. Like Jacob I’m now saying “Surely the LORD is in this place, and I wasn’t even aware of it!” But he was also afraid and said, “What an awesome place this is! It is none other than the house of God, the very gateway to heaven!”
This is the way, walk in it. There are many ways calling to all of us each and everyday, too many to choose from. Allowing God to set us where He so desires and then making covenant and never moving will perpetuate the generations of the Lord Jesus Christ. (when I say never moving, I more mean , never leaving the Same Page Ministries where you were Born Again and Set in the body, the Lord, as Isaac did, may send you elsewhere to “get a wife” from another Same Page Ministries, if there is another one on the Same Page yet.
It is the Father that sees something, both a need to fill, and in which of the the persons are ready to fill it and He tells the son it is time to go there now and fulfill it. Most never get to see the Father sending deal, because they usually see people going before their time, before they are ready, and they usually feel they have to leave to go do their own thing that they feel God told them individually to do.