Monday, March 12, 2007

Lena's Bible STUDY Journalin' for Today to go with Joshua 6

Within definition of the context of the first paragraph of this passage, it could say something like, Jericho was highly protected by walls because what they’d heard was that God prevailed for the Israelite people’s, and if Israel came against them, they’d need protection from this supernatural force that prevails with man. What God says happens, happens, for He is great, and greatly to be praised.
I wonder if the people who were Israel knew and understood this fear and awesome respect that others outside of their day to day living had a sense of? A holy fear of God will lead persons to repentance. Israel also needs to repent, especially when she takes God and His awesome works and power for granted.
Why does the Lord in His word give such specific instructions to man? Ya know, we have 10 commandments, we have the laws of Moses and the laws of love. Why should one listen so intently to these and learn to follow them so specifically?
Obedience is blessed. Obedience is a gift of the heart, the core part of the inner man. What happens when a human is asked to obey other men as though they are obeying God Most High is a revelation of the heart, the inner core of the being. What is in abundance there is what comes out when one is squeezed. Out of the heart of man flow the issues of life. The thing is not as important as is the response to the thing. God is looking at the actual response, the intent of the heart.
Is Israel presently a people God can do what He wills to on this day? Can He trust them on this day to take over this city and not squander its contents on their own lusts? Are they obedient enough to do His will rather than their own? Will they act as One man, as Jesus would in every area, after they have opportunity to take all? Will it go to their heads, where they might think they are all powerful and then they’ll forsake worshiping God as Most High? The instructions and the wait are to reveal this about man, to man, ahead of time.
The last time someone was sent by God to tell or ask you to do something, what was your gut response? What were the thoughts in your heart? Did you do the action outwardly, but were you angry inside, grumbling and complaining, as though God could not clearly see and hear you grumble?
If we obey God even through the voices of men, willingly and wholeheartedly, we are blessed in all we do. If we place conditions on our obedient actions, we are standing in the wrong positions and we should go ahead an yield that place to His work, the work of His spirit, by faith.
7 means complete, finished. The test is OVER, the grade is given. Done.
7 times on 7 days and 7 times in one day.
How long has your test been? Have you passed yet? Is the work complete? Time is graced by God to help us go ahead and “get it”, see and engage in the inward work of change that comes in obeying and yielding. Many a time we are not finished yet, until we willingly get on the potter’s wheel and become moldable. The finishing is done by His work on and in us, then through us. He’s not exporting what is not already a done deal within. If we resist change we can stay in the present state we are developed in for as many years as we are alive. It is not a metal of honor to be said of you, they are so stubborn, immoveable, solid as a rock in personality, unchangeable, (when related to pliability in God’s hands on His wheel of change).
Specific instructions are meant like directions given to go from one point to another. In order to get frm point “a” to point “m” on a map of life, especially within the Christian walk of faith, one must be willing to follow God’s directions.. It is so sad when a Christian actually listens to the enemy lies and they feel threatened by each corrective suggestion given in church or person to person whenever te word is shared face to face. Correction is given to help one change direction on a pathway, so the road won’t end for them as they veer off of a cliff.
Have you started marching yet? It is so time to be in position with our directions and marching orders! It is time for those who obey, to become the army of God, that He may knock a few walls down and have victory over a place, like a person’s life or a family, or even a city!
Do you have your “map”? Will you read it? Study it, receive from those who go before you? Then are you wiling to move towards its desired destination?
For years, through our pastors, and other leaders that come thorough our church, the spirit has been coaching people to get into the word, read it daily, begin to study it, them do each thing you learn, as you learn it. It is not a suggestive word, yet people have taken it as a suggestion. I often wonder, as much as the Lord has put that out there, what is ahead of us? I can’t help wonder if He is preparing us for a time where we’ll not be allowed to have what it is we have now and don’t willingly use. Maybe we have not appreciated what we have and it will somehow be taken from us. The reason I say this is the words given t prepare us to read, study, and do the word of God has been repeated in various voices of the Father, who is so gracious to us to repeat His words for our day and times. It reminds me of when God says – “Do not fear” and around the next corner there is a huge reason to be afraid!
He who has ears to hear, let Him hear, let that man hear what is said in His own day by God’s spirit.
Most obedience’s cost us and are not easy to accomplish or to go all the way with. That is done on purpose, lest I give to God what costs me nothing, what is worthless to me.
My life is to be offered a daily and living sacrifice which is well pleasing to God Most High. If He is worth everything, worth leaving everything else that seems important to me, I should go for the hard obedience’s, as it heightens my trust and reliance’s on His word, His spirit and His love. I don’t rely on my own reasoning or strength.
Are you stepping outside of the box you created for your self-life to remain as it is in? Do you increase faith, extend your souls training it as a disciple of the LORD Jesus?
We do what is of utmost importance to us.
If you choose to stay up all night Saturday night and are too tired to be in church on Sunday, or you go, but fall asleep there, you did what was of utmost importance to you. You actually showed God what was important by your lifestyle choices. You can’t say church is important to you, you already said it by what you did.
The promises of God are about to be fulfilled through an obedient submitted people, who assemble as one man, a mighty army unto God. They will save peoples, tribes, nations & households! You won’t save some if you yourself are not consecrated and dedicated to His inwardly changing work.