Thursday, March 01, 2007

Lena Journals to Deut 11 Make a Covenant Exchange? Really? Are you Sure?

Who are we who must obey all Our Lord has decreed? Are we citizens of the earth and its world systems, or are we kingdom of God on earth, beings? Are we spiritually alive eternal spirit beings, living in human bodies, for a time? Have we been called out of the destiny of eternal darkness, translated into an eternal venture to walk in the light? Have we been saved out of the clutches of eternal destiny and doom? Who are we who must love God? Do we have to? I mean is someone making us love and obey God Most High?
We ARE those who have been rescued, reconciled, and saved from eternal separation from our Lover Creator Father. We have come out of the bondages and the slavery of a self serving life! We’ve been brought out of “Egypt” by the supernatural intervention of the Mighty hand of God’s work! We needed a Savior, and He so graciously sent One to release us from “Pharaoh’s” grip on our eternal destiny.
After we realized we needed to be saved, and received the Savior, our enemies hated that we were no longer their servants/slaves. They could not do their work unto themselves, building their own kingdoms without us, for it takes unity to build kingdoms! Our slavery was unified with their efforts, we served their efforts. They cannot stand when their efforts are no longer being served. It makes them furious. They send hordes to go after our souls and snatch us back to serve them, whatever it takes.
BUT God, rescued us. He released us, miraculously. He saved us out of the power of the hands of those who enslave. We were free to leave their world order, if we wanted to, no one would make us, right? We were leaving because we wanted to, right? Or did we just want relief from the pain?
Our children are watching our every step and want to know why we live and walk and head in this direction. Is it something we are trying, or are we becoming citizens of heaven, bringing His Kingdom on earth? If we’re gonna go back, they’d rather we just do that now, rather than take them on a long confusing journey. Wishy-washiness does not fly well with kids, they want security, they want us to be right! They want us to know the Way. They want God to be Lord of us first, so we can prove Him faithful to them as examples. Guinea pigs of the faith? Ok. Is it worth sacrificing one’s life for? The children behind us want to know, by living proof, they have to see through us.
They won’t know Him as we knew Him, unless we show Him to them everyday in how we live. Are we in this world? Are we of it? Who are we? Can they see it? Or do we look like “Egyptian Citizens” with kingdom of God clothes on?
This is serious stuff! This IS why our kids could care less about Christianity and would rather go search for something else when they come “of age”. They’ve been confused by the parents.
Parents, it is time to repent! Get rid of Hypocrisy in yourself first, before you accuse others of it. Do not ever say to a child, “Don’t do what I do honey, just do what I say”! You are a living hypocrite, if you are living that way.
For those who went ahead and came all the way out of Egypt, also ridding their thoughts of Egyptian thinking, made a kingdom change, these had their enemies drowned by God’s awesome power.
There is a power among men that prevents God’s work. It is the power of the will. The will of man, either allows God, or refuses Him. When Jesus came down to earth becoming a human, this was the biggest wrestling He ever had to defeat, the power of the human will to obey or disobey God’s will.
That is an enemy each of us has to defeat. In surrender, it is drowned by obedience to God.
If you obey, you’ll get what you came into the kingdom for. If you obey, you will live long, enjoying the fruit of the earth the Lord will give to you and your family. You’ll have all you need to eat…
Eating and drinking are essentials to life, right? Now that we are Born Again Spiritually alive beings, we must eat and drink to feed our spiritual life. If we do not, we are not, obedient. We may be starving God’s child in us.
Do you read God’s word daily? Study His word daily? Obey His word daily? One cannot really obey without first reading and studying the word. In human nature we at times want to skip over “a” and “b” and go right to “c” and we struggle and wonder why. Go back to “a” then “b”, and then get to “c”. God lays things out that way. Precept upon precept, line upon line, here a little there a little more, one step at a time. A,B,C,D….
If the Bible is saying be careful to do something, that means it would be very easy to care less about doing it. Don’t allow your heart to be deceived…that means stand guard, for what He’s just told you will be an opportunity for you to refuse in a little bit. Be on watch, stand guard, stay aware.
Worship other Gods? Huh, us? Christians, no way! Does God know what He’s talking about or what? Don’t be asleep, “other gods” means others you could spend your life, your attention, and you time on. It’s that easy. How much do you sit and watch TV and can’t seem to find time to talk to God, read His word or worship Him? i.e. = other god.
You may have come out of “Egypt”, but you’ll die and will not have lived for what He’s called you out for.
Flourishing does not just happen by the wave of God’s “magic” hand. He is NOT a magician, He is God, and He is to be obeyed. Obedience’s are always blessed, always.
He says commit wholeheartedly, that means there will be an opportunity to watch out for. The opportunity will be to commit to other things, to make it a second priority, to quit, or take the things of the kingdom and count them as work that is too hard to do and de-prioritize it, losing faith and becoming half-hearted.
Show love to Him BY walking in His ways, counting them of higher importance than that of your own ways and opinions. Be willing to change, daily. Be flexible to whatever He wants to do or have done through you. Be looking for ways to lay down your own desires and to give yours into a unified effort to bring the ways of His kingdom on earth. (See why there is so much that comes against people assembling with a local church body of believers? If we are dis-unified we are powerless against a very fortified unified enemy!)
Hold tightly to Him, means you could probably more easily let go than hold on. God is warning us, has been since the beginning. A wise son heeds the warnings of a father. “Adam, Eve, don’t eat of THAT tree!” Come on, human nature, arise and awaken to the ways of the Lord. Purpose to obey Him, whatever it takes. Learn from Adam & Eve’s mistakes!
We have a freewill choice, blessing or curse. Obedience or disobedience brings one or the other. It is not does God really love me enough to bless me. It is do I love Him enough to obey Him? Don’t blame God for any misfortunes. It is very clear here, in obedience you are blessed, in disobedience, cursed.
This leads us into responsible living. We are responsible to be blessed or cursed. It is time to repent, if you did not know or realize this, your lineage is at stake, both spiritually and naturally speaking. Take back your inheritances in the Lord!
Why did they always have to cross over the Jordan River every time they were gonna go on to the next place God wanted them to live in? Jordan means “humble yourself”! Humble yourself under the Mighty hand of God that He may exalt you in due time. How is it known by God and our seed that He is God to me? I humble my self-life and put it in subjection to His will, willingly.
The only part of our salvation walk that is free, is that with the power of our wills. We are free to choose. We have a freewill choice. The rest will cost us everything.
Every name named in the Bible, has very significant meaning to the journey being taken. The journey from Egypt to the Promised land was a journey signifying our coming out of the world we lived in and for, and it speaks of heading away from sin, walking out our salvation through obedient actions. When we decide to live obediently we bring the kingdom of God to earth.
Gerizim – cutting off/destroying, Ebal – bare (fruitless) stone (rock/foundation), Jordan – brought low/brought down/humbled, Caanan- place of trade/humbled, Arabah – desert/wilderness/engage/mortgage/darkness/exchange - as in covenant, Gilgal – wheel/turning/rolling away/cut off- as in covenant (same NT word as Golgotha- place of the skull- change of heads, who’s in charge, who’s my protector?).
To sum that up, God has made covenant with man. He sacrificed His only beloved Son so man could be saved, if he really wants to. So man can come out of darkness, if he wants to, can live in the blessings of obedience, if he wants to. The question is, does man really want what God wants, because it is gonna cost that man (who says he does) everything. He’ll have to validate his part of the offered covenant with God. That means that man (or woman) will have to daily lay down their own life. No they won’t have to cut their skin, or die physically, they’ll just have to surrender their wills (the most powerful weapon of warfare they have) to God. If He is (your) God then serve Him, if He is not (your God) then serve others, or yourself. It will be shown what you’ve decided today by whatever it is you choose with your freewill to do, for you can do whatever you really want and you will.
God is asking people to make an exchange with Him, a life for a life. He gave His, will we give ours too? Reciprocal “sacrifice” is the only way to validate our covenant with God! It’s the sacrifice of an obedient heart and will.