Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Lena's Journalin' Today to 1 Corinthians 10 Who are We Offering Worship to?

Why would the pleasure of the Lord matter so much?
Well, He is God and we are not. He is King of His kingdom. He is all powerful and we are His creation and subjects of His kingdom to do His will and work, if we so choose to participate in it.
To not participate, means to be separated out. To be separated out means death and cursing. No one likes that. It would behoove each of us to choose to be kingdom citizens and follow after His ways, and walk in His truths, doing His good pleasure.
So, if we were created to worship Him His way, according to His good pleasure, and we are here to please Him, how does one do that? He is God and we are mere humans, yes objects of His love, but mere in size and in comparison to Him. How does a human who is weak and frail, please a Master such as God Almighty Most High, Creator of Heaven and earth?
Yep, that’s what pleases God, faith. Faith in Him, in His words, in His love and in His Grace. Faith in His Son, Jesus who came to earth to set things right. Faith enough to continue to loose bands of undue burdens and set captives free, that they may also set other’s free. Faith to participate in the assignment given Jesus by God His Father as though it is our very own assignment from our very own Father God, for we are One with Him.
What keeps a person walking in holiness? Faith and Hope and Love.
What causes a person to want to obey God as #1? Faith Hope & Love.
A belief in One who is Love. That belief moves us towards actions of faith. It’s not because I have to. It’s because I want to! Love draws me to a response of a life of love and holiness! Holiness closes in the gap of fellowship between me and God. I get closer to Him and am able to see Him clearer. I want that, I need that, I live for that.
Pride is what keeps me from engaging in holiness and purity. I am deceived when I think I am ok to stay as I am, I must be changed into His image, so the whole earth will begin to be filled with His glory. Not my glory, for I have some, but His glory. The response and reciprocation of who He is, alive in humans like me.
When tempted to live for your own desires, look for the way out. Seek God’s direction, showing Him how much you want to follow Him, showing Him your desire is truly seeking to match His. Lose your desire for other things, put your body and soul on a fast of other things.
What is an idol? A statue? Nope! The way God sees it is an object of worship, other than Him. That means anything and everything that takes up your time and you give your attention to more than you spend time or money or attend to Him! Flee from idol worship!
How can we just arrive at a church service go in and partake of the most intimate communion on earth. Communion with God Himself, as a religious act with no relationship involved? If we spend our life on other things and God is really at the mid to bottom on our lists of priorities, how does that make Him feel? That is lie, mockery. God is not interested in our played out, scorekeeping, religious acts!
He is a relational God and is seeking relationship with human beings. He wants to be # 1, not by default (because He is and, in the end He will be), but because someone like me choose to make Him that way, in My own life! He is looking for me to move other things less important, out of my way to make room for who is really important to me, and He is hoping I’ll choose Him to be in that place!
He’d rather I eat and drink with Him everyday, than to go to church just to eat and drink as a religious act. Don’t get me wrong here, he wants us to go to church, more than that, He wants to move in with me and live in my House everday! When I go to church I am a part of the whole making the body complete as I assemble together as one with others in Him.
Sharing in the blood? THIS is SO huge, so key…What does this mean?
This is the part of our salvation that has to do with ever being a part of anything God has provided for us. Christ died for all mankind, yet not all mankind accepts Him. But He did die for all, whether they accept Him or not. Those who do accept Him change, for they are changed by submission to His Spirit. They believe in what He did and who He is. Their belief in Him changes who they are. They respond in faith to Him. The response is a reciprocation of who He is and what He did! He laid down His will and His self life! If we are partakers of His “blood”, we in response give our lives back to His work, His desire, his plan for the earth. That is Holy communion. Not the drinking of wine or juice in a cup, but the laying down of self life, willingly. That is what the symbolism of drinking “blood” is. His life enters in and becomes my life, because I will for it to. I make a covenant exchange with God. He gave His life up for me, now I respond and I give up whatever I thought I was alive for here, for what He has planned. I find out how I can make His dreams come true and I live for those things!
“Is it not the body also, we partake of?” What does that mean? It means I join my life willingly with others who, like me, are aiming to find out how to make God our Father’s dream become a reality in our present world. I am not alone and I refuse to isolate my life and live it for me. I live it for others in demonstration of Him. I submit to imperfect people, who will help lead me into further truth and guide and direct me into more holiness, love and righteousness. I unite with others, even if I don’t feel like it. Without my life involved actively in the body I know there is a missing part. I’m convicted by the Lord to commit my life wherever I live, this way.
When we give our lives over to other things and the service of other temporary things, we are serving God’s enemy. I do not want God’s enemy served!
So I must willingly disassociate the things of my life that serve others other than God. THEN I will truly be in holy communion with the LORD and His body. Then I erase the mockery of religion, that says I can stay as I am and still have communion with God. Not so!
“Don’t be so concerned about yourself, be concerned for the good of others!” Sure you could do whatever you want to do, but using your liberty to liberate yourself, is sin; because you are not looking out to be a good godly example to someone else. In everything we do, and everywhere we go, what we watch and listen to, are all examples for or against Him.
I don’t live for me. I live for Him, and I demonstrate it is real by living for others.