Sunday, February 25, 2007

Lena's Journalin' to Revelation 22 Today To Him who overcomes!

The word “river” here means “refreshing, to drink, as in to intoxicate, being filled up, swept away like a flood”.
The River that flows from the throne is The Spirit of Christ and of God. On the Throne are the Father and the Son, but there are 3 persons of the Godhead, Father, Son And Spirit. We are likened unto the very image and nature of God in 3 personages, for we were created Body, Soul and Spirit.
We as created beings are incomplete without one of these parts. If the Body does not function, we leave the earth.
Our Christian walk is incomplete without the 3 persons of God – The Father, Son & Spirit. Many have believed in the Father through the embrace of the Son, yet have denied the Spirit. We must drink of and swim in the river of God!
To truly drink means to be altered, changed, as a drunk comes under the influence of the spirits he partakes of. To swim takes a great deal of trust based on the security of love. If not drinking or swimming, one is incomplete and are we really living the Christian life or just saying we do?
How is the curse reversed? Only through obediently walking in His ways. His ways are the ways of the Spirit. They who worship Him, must worship in Spirit and in truth.
The cross was the place of the ability to reverse the curse. He died, was laid out as a living sacrifice unto God for man’s sin. The deal does not stop there, for that is the place where it was able to start for whosoever will.
Man won’t have the curse reversed because Jesus died for it to be reversed. Man must reciprocate the deal, become a participator in it, by laying down the resistant power of his own will to live out his days for himself. He died, now I must offer my will up as a sacrifice daily. That means He tells me what to do and I do it, because I trust Him, I swim, in deep waters, by the belief in the power of His Spirit. I no longer depend upon my own abilities to do what is good and right. I just do whatever it is He says to, obediently. I discipline myself life, if I have to, to become conformed to His plans of use for my life inside of His big picture.
It is much easier to change if I am drinking and swimming. If I am trying to change without the empowerment of surrender to His Spirit I’m struggling.
Do I believe in His abilities, or mine?
Blessed is he who obeys My words of Spirit and Life. The Truth makes men free, when they get to know Him intimately.
TIME is running out. Really and truly it is. Man has always been tempted to believe he has time, and is fine left as he is. There will be a time in our lives where there is no more time and change will be impossible. I guarantee that each of us who were waiting for God to move or who resisted change or were weak in faith, unable to believe in the God of impossibilities, will be regretful. Those who are wise sons hear words like this and make the changes now, before that day. Blessed are the sons who make changes everytime they hear the words of life. Adjustments and changes.
God knows you, your weaknesses, your frailty, your unwillingness, stubbornness, self-centeredness, rebellion, unbelief and fear. He does not understand why when His Son came to make every change possible for us that we’d refuse Him, not believe Him, and stay as we are, believing that His love for us was good enough to leave us as we are, unchanged.
Beware there is a huge deception out there, it says: You can stay as you are and be blessed. God will love you, but your life is NOT blessed. He even loves those who do not know Him at all. His love is forever drawing men to meet and respond obediently to His Son. The greatest love – that a man lay down His self life….
Obedience is THE true expression of reciprocated love.
I am coming soon, bringing my reward with me to repay all people according to their deeds
I wonder if we take this scripture seriously. If not, we need to change our minds. The enemy has wooed us to sleep, that we’d miss the whole purpose for life on earth. Time to wake up and arise oh living Body of Christ! Time to obey God’s words of Spirit and Life.
Blessed are those who wash their robes. They will be permitted to enter through the gates of the city and eat the fruit from the tree of life. 15 Outside the city are the dogs—the sorcerers, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idol worshipers, and all who love to live a lie.
What does this mean? I wash myself. God does not wash me for me. He provided the blood of His Son. I can be washed or I can stay as I am. Yes, He’ll love me as I am, and if I do not respond, He’ll leave me that way. He does not move to make me change. I change willingly, if I want to. When I move to change, because I died to my own will, His grace comes in like a flood to bring me to the fruition of the decision of my will. Every change takes a decision of the will. I agree with God.
Have I been listening to a lie? The answer is yes. The religious order of the church has told a lie to those who say they want to serve Christ. They have told us He did it all and therefore we do not have to respond, and take response-ability!
I must respond to God visibly. I must follow Him because I choose to obediently. I’m the one who turns my back on the world and its ways. I’m the one who separates myself daily, and makes changes to show I am His. The changes are not made for free. I may have pain as I change, or persecution, but He died a violent death for me. What else is appropriate to do? Dying to myself is the very least I can do to properly respond to God, and His Son by the belief in the empowerment and ability of His Spirit in me!
It’s only for those who want to. You DO NOT HAVE to! People are choosing to live for self, or go to hell, and God is letting them. He says, come and drink from the living water of Life. BUT, YOU DON’T HAVE to!
People say, do I really have to come tonight? I have a lot to do. I’ve been so busy, I’m tired or not feeling well, do you mind if I just skip tonight? (it is about church meetings/Bible Studies)
My answer is, “No, you don’t have to!” You never have to. Come when you want to, ok? Do whatever you prefer. God is not looking for a bride who loves Him because she has to, or one who is overcome with whatever the temporary world has laid out in the pathways of offers. He’s looking for a Bride to reciprocate His love because she wants to, lays down her life because she decided to, loves others because she is one with Him and He does, decides to be with Him through it all forever, because she made a covenant to and that’s the end of all dispute! She made a covenant to love Him and all who He loves forever! She overcomes circumstances and situations through His power and inside of that she can respond to Him. It’s not about her, or is it?
Grace is always there - when change is pursued.