Monday, February 26, 2007

Lena's Journalin to John 6 We Live What We Believe...

Be aware, the words of the Lord are always loaded, and there’s way more than what one can see on the surface!
Jesus constantly spoke in parables, so as students of the word of God, we must train ourselves to think as He thought and taught, in parables. Jesus always laid out a “story” to see if He had any around Him who were truly hungry and thirsty for righteousness. Notice every time He spoke He did not say all there was to be said? He would ask leading questions to see if there was enough hunger for the disciple to inquire further.
He would say something to the multitude, another to the crowd, another to the 70, and then there were the 12 and the 3 and then the 1. Each group or individual who drew closer were the hungry ones. They were not satisfied with the surfacy words of Jesus. The 12 who were closer than the crowds, asked Him questions back. After they’d minister and be a part of serving the crowds they’d sit with Him and ask Him to go over what He’d taught in greater detail. They laid down any pride and humbly told Him they did not get whatever it was he’d said in parable form. When they did that He knew they really wanted to see and he unlocked their understanding at that time. The crowds were after what they could get from Him, while the disciples were interested in becoming like Him.
There is a huge difference.
Disciples get closer, ask questions, not for debate, but to learn how to be changed into His image and likeness.
Who took the leftovers home? Those who served with the Lord, and those who did as He asked them to, and those who stayed to the end. The more we press in to the Lord the more we get (understanding). The more we serve others, the more we’re given. With God it is give/receive, not give and take, not pay and owe, not buy and sell, no trade off’s. Give, give, give, give, not expecting anything in return as the motive of giving, just do it; and the principle is, you will reap of what you’ve sown. It may not come from the same source you sowed it to, but if sown unto God, then God will see to the return no mater the avenue.
What are we after? The miracles, the signs, or the bread? The gift or the Giver?
Spend your energy seeking the eternal life that the Son of Man can give you. For God the Father has given me (Jesus) the seal of his approval… The true bread of God is the one who comes down from heaven and gives life to the world…. give us that bread every day (the disciples said)… I am the bread of life!... this bread, which I will offer so the world may live, is my flesh… Anyone who eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me, and I in him… Does this offend you?
What we eat and drink is what gives us life, it is what we spend our lives on, it is who we are, what we become. If we do not become Him, we are not His. He and the Father were made to be One, because Jesus chose to give His life over to the will of His Father. That caused He and His Father to became One.
What we give ourselves to and for is what and who we are One with. We can say we are One with Jesus, but someday it will be made very clear to us who and what we were truly One with. It is not based on what we say, but what we’ve done. Our faith is known only by our works. If we pursued a career and did not take time for our families and to go after God’s words in order to become them, it will be shown and known who we were really One with.
Eating His flesh and drinking His blood, is us doing His will instead of our own.
His meat and drink were to do the will of His Father. What is our meat and drink?
Are we eating from His words daily? If not, why not? What are we doing daily then that is eternal and so important to us? That will be shown/known.
We do whatever it is we feel is important. We are living right now what we believe right now! We cannot say we believe the word is important and do nothing to show that. What we do is what is really and actually what is important to us. If we don’t take time to read or study the word, it is not important to us, no excuse, that’s just how it is.
Don’t be deceived and excuse your soul, as it screams out in a tantrum as a child does when it doesn’t get its way. There is something we can do to make the word important.
It’s up to us. If we want to, we will.
We make other things in life work, if we want them. We’ll do whatever it takes to get that new car or do stuff with our house, or go on a vacation. We even make plans way ahead of time and save money, or work harder and then take time off of work to go to or be a part of whatever we desire to do or wherever we want to go. We’ll set the TVO and make time to watch a TV show, even if we can’t do it right now. We’ll get up early and lose sleep to go somewhere or meet someone that we want to, we live this way for our own wills, what about His?
We’re living right now, what we believe right now.
Maybe time to make an adjustment, somewhere somehow. God will honor you as you honor Him, if you believe it.