Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Lena's Journalin' to 1 Corinthians 11 Be Judged now - willingly, lest ye stand before The Judge of All later on, lacking!

This passage of scripture is mind boggling to a naturally minded man who does not have an understanding of A Covenant God and the Hebrew culture. But we can get understanding, if we are wiling to.
This passage is all about spiritual protection and protocol. This passage is all about authority with God and the God servant angels and the devil and the evil demonic angels.
It is all about how humans stand in the ranks as spirit beings ruling on the earth.
God ordained marriage as a model of His Diving Hierarchy and order. God, is a God of order, and all works well inside of set up order. Outside of the order of God is chaos. Period. There are no excuses to not be in order and there are no excuses to the chaos. Chaos always comes outside of order, always.
We are all ultimately accountable to God. Those who understand the Hierarchy will go ahead and begin to account to God now. Those who give account now will begin to see the blessings of His order unfold for them as a red carpet.
Paul says, “watch me, live in a God ordered rank, following Christ as a human man, then follow my example”…then he begins to write about this. They seem unrelated to the human mind, but they are the same.
God holds men accountable to protect their families. They stand before God now and later on, to do that spiritually and naturally speaking. If they understand that and stand openly and unashamed in the fear of God, they will be men of authority, rank, and power over kingdoms of darkness. The position they have under Christ is one of trust and reliance. They must stand in faith to be able to stay in that place, in close proximity to many spiritual forces of darkness. Their stance there shows they trust God in faith and believe in the power of order and the seriousness of accountability now and later on. God protects them, because they trust and rely on Him, rather than relying on their own abilities to overcome.
Listen intently here, for we are NOT speaking about physical hair. We are speaking about protective covering from an unseen warfare of the world we live in.
It would be sad for a woman to be exposed to enemy powers and cut off from the protection available to her as she stands behind a man, who was set up by God to stand between her and her enemies! To come out from that place and try to defend herself will show humiliation, for GOD did not set it up for a woman to cover herself spiritually. (Think - in warfare how a buddy in a battalion, says, “cover me” while I go attack!) God set it up that the man would “cover” the woman as Christ “covers” the man.
The man is authorized to stand under Christ’s commands and the woman is authorized to stand under the commands of the man given him by Christ. If anyone is out of place those will give an account to God for being out of place. If any are lost, or unprotected they stand before God for being out of place. In all positions we stand covered by God, protected by God and the angels. All of the angels have and know ranks of authority. The angles know who is in rank and who is rebellious desiring to protect themselves by their own strength and will power. All of the angels know who is a prime and uncovered target. When the haughty, “I’ll do it by myself”, person moves out of rank, they stand under their own authority and have no spiritual power at all, they are subject to fiery darts penetrating their beings and possible death.
There is no reason at all to butt heads, and every reason in the spiritual and natural world to stand in our God ordained positions!
We’re NOT speaking of preference. God does not prefer one sex above the other. He has set an order of authorization and empowerment. Once we get this we will assemble ourselves willingly in ranks and become that great army of God! The point is we’re Not alone, neither were we created to be independent of God or of one another!
When a woman prays, she should desire to give an account to God by way of checking in with men (plural, spiritual overseers), being accountable. If we are willing to check in for things now, we’ll not have as much to clear up with God later on.
So we, say we are gonna go and commune with the body of Christ, but our interest is in self and getting ahead, and being first. Wow!
Communion is all about unity, oneness, wholeness, and intimacy, giving a willing account to God now of our positions of submission in trust and reliance on Him. Are we intimate with an enemy, that we’d actually give him any place in the midst of the potential assembling of the armies of the Most High God? What we allow or disallow by way of being in or out of rank or position is allowed or disallowed in the spirit realm. Chaos or wholeness and peace?
How can one criticize those who they are serving in this army with, those who will fight with and for their very lives? It would behoove us to change our minds and actions and begin to love with a great amount of forgiveness, esteeming one another worthy of honor in Him. The honor is unto Him. It is NOT based on a deserving people. He gave His life for those of us who did not deserve it at all. We reciprocate by giving our lives to those who do not deserve His or our love. That is Holy communion. A life for a Life, on purpose; reciprocation of the awesome love of God Himself. It is our time to in demonstration remember that. If we truly remember Him, we’ll not grovel with one another. The memory is the end of all groveling.
This is a serious time to check in, get right with God through forgiveness of others, examine in a way that scrutinizes every part of your own being, not allowing anything that’d hold you back form His love to be hidden from your and His sight. Let these be exposed as darkness, have a great light shine upon them, become uprooted and cleared out!
People are always concerned that someone might be judging us.
Dear Lord, go ahead and let people judge you now, seriously, humble yourself under the mighty hand of God, or you’ll be terrifiably humiliated later on. Better wrongly judged now, than righteously judged later on.
This is VERY serious, do you partake of it lightly or seriously? I’ve heard many say, “Well I now see I am unworthy and so I won’t partake if it is that serious”. Man, this is your opportunity to check in with God now! Get things right, make attitude adjustments, forgive and eat-drink LIFE. The Life comes with the changes you’ll make as you honestly check in now with God and with His body of living believers on earth